Let's create the LD4ALL online hand book

Let’s create the LD4ALL online hand book! It would look at what lucid dreaming is and how it can be achieved. Then we would look at various methods for it.

Actually r3m0t and some others are creating one in Wikibook site.

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umm… isn’t LD4all already a LD handbook?
LD4all isn’t just the forum, it’s the whole site…

The new version will have even more info on it so stay tuned…

(there i’m going to plug the new version as actively as r3m0t does the wikibook lol

that’s to keep everyone in suspense :grin: )

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Awesome, Pasquile, I cant wait.

Well, its not n00b friendly. It should focus on eather LD n00b training or high level things to do. I think it should be step by step, with detailed instructions, in a truly n00b friendly way.
I have bolded the stuff a true n00b would find confusing/not friendly
“With the MILD technique, as you’re falling asleep, you concentrate on your intention to remember to recognize that you’re dreaming. Repeat a short mantra in your head, such as “Next time I’m dreaming, I will remember I’m dreaming.” Think about what this means (that is, that you want to remember that you’re dreaming), and imagine that you’re back in a dream you’ve had recently, but this time you recognize that you’re dreaming. For example, imagine yourself flying, and realizing that it’s a dream because you’re flying. Keep repeating and visualizing the mantra until you’re sure that your intention’s set or you fall asleep. If you stop repeating and visualizing the mantra, then still try to make sure the last thing in your mind before falling asleep is your intention to remember to recognize that you’re dreaming.”

Baloogan: That has nothing to do with the thread here of an ‘LD4all online hand book’. I would appreciate it if you re-posted this in the wikibook thread which is sticky in the lounge.

Edit: I’m in school at lunchtime (yeah, best time to do coursework, whatever) and I’m bored. I copy all your post and poke it into wikibook thread, give it a proper reply. :smile:

My reply will be found in the wikibook thread.

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I’m afraid I have to agree with Baloogan. At times it is not newbie friendly. Ld4ALL is newbie friendly because it:
A) Informs
B) keeps the reader entertained
C) Gives motivators for lucid dreaming

I don’t think he was so much critising your work. Instead, I think he was making a suggestion.

Technodreamer: again, please continue this in the wikibook. I’ll reply there, quoting your post in full. :smile:

r3moot does it really matter where it goes, i mean this topic is actually kinda relevent lol :razz: but i will go head over there and see whats a happening but still…

TimeLess_Soul, I’ve replied to your post in the wikibook thread quoting you in full.


I think it does. Possibly not for big stuff like MILD and WILD (that would create MONSTER SIZE BIG threads!) but for small things like the wikibook, it’s useful.

Also, people can’t just search for “wikibook” because it is mentioned in passing so much. Unlike searching for, say, “DC AND killing AND moral”. :smile:

lmfao granted i will go take a look :smile: