Let's make our own LD hypnosis file

surely other people besides Watts can help? This is a great idea, so why has it been on hold for so long? I dont think I could help much as I’ve only ever had four LDs and I dont know anything about any of the software, so I’m not a lot of use by myself. :razz:

I think there should be a short and long version of the file, as some people will take longer to get to sleep. (like me :sad:)

it’s on hold hold becuz of some testing watts, and many others, are doing on another product right now. but as he said in his last post, this should help catapult the project forward, which i now understand, seeing as how im beta testing as well. but im shure evry1 will resume work as soon as possible! shure hope so at least :smile:

Of course this topic is old, but i’m contributing my help here.

I can offer my voice and advice, but right now i’m off. (Because i’m forced away from my comp >_<)

Excellent idea, just like what some psychiatric ward patients do. :wink:

I guess we could ‘lime wire’ some recording studio software off somewhere (but it is better to buy). If anyone has a microphone and basic recorder software they could have a 10-30sec audition for the part and the forums could vote on the best (deadline set on vote as well). Then we could move on to script and software…so the software wouldn’t be until we had a ‘voice actor’.

I’m ready to make a file now :content:

Count me in as another who’s curious about this project. I’ve got an ipod full of hemisync/holosync/subliminal/paraliminal/etc brainwave entrainment recordings, and they all have some reason not to use them. The annoying effects on the voice on one, the distracting speech impediment on another, the total ineffectiveness of yet another… I look very forward to hearing the product of this experiment!

Are you people blind?

[url]S.H.A.R.M.(Great software program!!)]


I’m still interested in this, I dont mind helping if theres anything I could do? I might try and think of some more suggestions to use. I think there should be more reality check ones, like “I will RC when something strange happens”

But the hypnosis file would be free… and hopefully better for lucid dreaming! I’ll try the trial of that sometime though.

And an MP3 would work just fine on my Mac, but that SHARM thing won’t.

Well, watts and friends doesn’t have to be the only people to keep this project going. I really believe this could be a very good tool to help us all especially with people interested with supplying voices, sounds like water to set the environment, and testing. I have several programs to create some custom hypnotic brainwave entrainment sounds including Brain Sound Studio and Neural Noise Synthesizer, and several programs to mix the samples to one or several tracks including Cool Edit. That idea about different people submitting their voices to be chosen for the mix is a good first step. I also have a server available to host the files. Another person who could host also would be helpful. For those of you out there that think their voice can do the hypnotism and are up for it post a reply if you are still interested. I think we should also start voting on the text as the very first step. I have the free time and the knowledge to mix and host this project.

I truely believe this idea from the beginning is a very good idea, and if the other original volunteers get their free time back we could have enough man power to get several tracks going with different intentions like, a 0 - 60 minute track to fit on a CD to loop all night, or a long 90 - ? track to play once to fall asleep to. I am sure there are other ideas out there that people will eventually come up with as this project gets going.


Could we do this? I hope it would be a free download. Please let me know I would love to have a LD hypnoses C.D.

Yeah, when this gets completed, I wouldn’t mind at all for keeping this free.

anybody interested in volunterring?

I will do whatever i can for this project. I have a microphone, and could probably find someone with a hypnotic voice. I also own cool edit and have minimal experience with the program, including the brainwave sync portion. This is what i have to offer.

P.S. I just downloaded the warpmymind Lucid Curse 2 earlier today, and have listened to it as well. i will post my results here tomorrow.

Lucid curse had no effect. No lucid dreams. I will keep listening daily, though.

^^ i’ve been using the warmmymind files too…i guess the main thing to do is to use the induction files first to see if you actually fall into a trance…I THINK the trances are working but i’m not sure because alot of the feelings just seem voluntary…

im going to try the lucidcurse 2 though see how that effects me…

well looks like this came to nothing

Having different tracks is a good idea. I think the main one should have all the hypnosis stuff in it and should be as long as at needs to be, that you can listen to before you go to sleep but not as you go to sleep. We could also make one that can be looped, that would be roughly in time with a persons sleep cycle, and would just have the binaural beats and affirmations.

Theres a lot of people that seem interested in this project, the only problem is that noone is currently doing anything.

I think we should concentrate on the script and who is going to read it first. When enough people post links to a sample of their voice, then we can vote. A few people have said they’re interested, and theres already a post your voice thread, so this shouldn’t be a problem. I dont know when the deadline for this should be though, some people might not read this topic in time so it might be a good idea to pm people who have volunteered to help.

Summary of other peoples ideas

Stick to basic suggestions, no 'if’s, no 'dont’s or other negative words.
Avoid words like ‘always’ - leads to dissapointment
Could have a theme to it?

Suggestions:Lucid dreaming is SO simple and natural.
I know when I am dreaming.
I AM lucid dreaming tonight! - said confidently as if you know it will happen
I have vivid memorable dreams.
I wake after every dream and record every vivid detail.
I have full consious control of my dreams.
I do reality checks constantly, especially when I see water.
I know I’m dreaming when I hold my nose and I can still breathe. (just trying it out… any better suggestions?)
When I become lucid, I remain calm and focus on my hands for clarity.
I spin for more clarity.
Reality checks:
‘Look at your hands.’
‘What time is it?’
‘Turn your monitor(or lights) on and off.’
‘How did you get here?’

Ocean sounds could be used as background noise - either as a background for the script or seperately for falling asleep to. Might create dream signs of water.

Binaural beat stuff:
Theta- best for “deep level physical and genetic programing”
Alpha- for visualization and autosuggestion, works better with no words

The link for the warpmymind script doesnt work any more, so I used the wayback machine at archive.org to get it - it could help us with our own script.

I don’t know whether this can be avoided, but I found the warpmymind files really repetitive and it was hard to pay attention to them. I think the beach idea is a lot better though, because we can add lots of details that will help the listener visualise the scene and relax more.

I wish this would of worked ::frowning: