level am at?

Ok. I read thread on the forum about how to atary on lucid dream by dream journal. I have started typing down my dreams on my phone. I had an oh yea moment on one of the dreams I forgot a day ago while I was at work and wrote that down as soon as i remembered it. Today i started doing rc checks by trying to move my finger thru my palm and putting my hands together to go thru, I set my alarm on my phone to remind me every hour to do it. My question is how do you remember it in the dreams and how often do you have to do it during the day.

When it comes to reality checks, you’re trying to build it in to be a habit and a process that you do constantly. The main thing that will help to work on isn’t just the action of the RC. If you get an action down that’s fine, but it won’t be enough. I’ve had RC’s show I was dreaming before and I just rationalized it away. You need to make sure you have a good thought process behind it. You need to make sure you’re actually questioning whether you’re awake and dreaming. Just remember, you might feel sure you’re awake, but you feel that way when you’re dreaming too, right? Maybe you should RC just to be safe…

In terms of how often… it’s more of a constant process. Here’s an article I’d really suggest you read.


And for my shameless plug, here’s an article I wrote that also kind of touches on this subject.