Levitation while meditating

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I have seen the Levitation topic, but thats about magic tricks, I have a different question, about levitating while meditating.

I have seen serveral pictures of a day called Continental Yogic Flying Competition. A group of people gather around and levitate by meditating ( i dont know the details about what they actually do there). Is it a trick? I hope not. Because it gave me hope.
I am a person who likes to set goals in his life and to chase them till its completed.
Levitation is the dream of every person upon this planet (actually, flying is, but its almost the same thing :q) But there arent many guides who tell about it on the internet.

So my question to you, do you think its real and do you know a way how to attain this form of enlightment?

What I have collected so far about this subject:
straightdope.com/classics/a4_136.html (some information about the Flying Competition)

More to come thanks to your contribution hopefully :slight_smile:

Hmm…thats really interesting. I think its true and i want to have hope in things like that because it can open up so many unknown doors. I know our minds are capable of so much more than most people think and theres too much out there to understand. Levetation while meditating can be a debate however with certain people. If this is true, maybe its a different sort of mental body (Astral, spirit, soul) thats levitating to a new level. Who knows unless its experienced by yourself and you claim it to be true.

a flying competition huh, that would be pretty cool to see. I’ve levitated before but it was while i was asleep and I woke up in the middle and fell back to my bed and yes I was awake.

i have heard various accounts of people levatating while sleeping

sometimes when i wake up in the middle of the night im bouncing up and down on my bed

whether or not its all true i cant say but its interesting

This is one of the reasons i started meditating and lucid dreaming. :om: I pracitice every day but so far my butt has stayed on the floor tho I will never give up :content:

mmh i think this levitating while meditating thing is based on a missunderstanding or something along those lines …


info on flying and levatation through transcendental meditation…

If you look at the physics behind most of this stuff, the answer is simple: “no there is no physics that can explain it so it cannot be true”.

However new physics is aways being discovered and maybe one day it will be explained.
Bear in mind though, that to levitate you must provide nearly 10 times your own mass in kilograms in a force, otherwise youll stay firmly on the floor.

I believe the whole act of meditating to levitate could influence the mind and make you believe that you and others are levitating, that’s all I can think of. But yeah it would be cool :happy:

I went to this thing where two famouse ghost hunters husband and wife(sorry i dont know their names, they live in conecticutt husband died) said that levitation is real but it takes up 90% of the brains power so its hard to induce. They are a very credible source so dont try and say their lying or any of that bs.

Sri Aurobindo seemed to acknowledge that some people could really do this, that for some it came naturally and for some it took a lot of work. But he saw it as something not very wortwhile for those who could do it automatically, because it came without any refinement or growth, and suggested that for these people it often becomes a type of parlor trick that use for money, that they don’t have total control over and thus fake when they have to so they can keep their livelihood. And for those who spent time trying to learn to do it, he saw it as something not really worth the effort because it takes a lot of work and has nothing to do with what he saw as the goal of spiritual practice: inner growth (which he differentiated from ethical or moral growth.)

I personally don’t think it’s very likely because it violates the laws of physics. In addition it seems even folks like David Blaine can fake it. There are a lot of scammers who try to pass themselves off as spiritually enlightened with parlor tricks to make a quick buck. Levitation is only one example.


two posts have been removed from this topic. The beyond forum is not to discuss if you believe in these things or not, or (demand) proof (of) existence, rather to share experience or learn more about it. :moogle:

Hmmm…no wonder it’s hard :tongue:

i know some stuff on physics,

levitation can be made with imans, simply oposite charges will be repulsive having the object being “pulled away from the floor” the object should fall again usually to the side, but its possibly to equilibrate it in order that the repulsive force of magnetism and gravity anulate eachother therefore making the object levitate.

it has been proved that some ppl can make objects leviatate, but scientists have no clue how…the science that studies this is called “parapsycology” (rough translation form portuguese name)

possibly levitating whiel meditating is this very same process?

theres several alternative religions like “wicca” and “spiritual satanism” that argue about mental powers, actually by reading superficially it seems you need to enter some states of transe, very similiar to lucid dreamin stuff!

i can post some linsk on spiritual satanism, it has intresting points on mind powers (also says some stuff about church and a conspiracy to avoid us from using mind powers! i havent tried it yet and dont inted to do so, cause we cna ruin our lfie pretty bad by messing with demons for fun…)

Look guys mental powers are real. :neutral: k? Levatation can be achived trough telekinesis or chakra control. I have personally moved an object with chakra before so I know this stuff is real. Its very simple. Its not impossible, grow up. It is time for the world to get past there ignorance and start realizing how simple and possible this sort of stuff is. :content: tis, life is but a… a… whatever you want it to be.

i believe they are real, id like to know how they work in a physical point of view

i hope in future ppl use theyr mental powers at full extent, many scientific progress can be made with them, id like to make physics investigation on the subject, there must be a way to detect the astral body/psy energy/whatever, they must be made of something, once science finds a way to detect it and it becomes public (the whole subject is still very underground) i believe mankind will achieve many tecnological advancements.

i/we know it is there, i just wana know how and why it is there, also it gives a lot work to control this stuff, making most ppl quit trying (lack of prof helps quit trying)…maybe in future child are alredy educated in this from young …

a yogi who has attained full Christ-hood can perform any miracle he wishes,

they seldom do in public

a yogi who has not attained full Christ-hood is more likely to do miracles in public for fame and non-spiritual reasons.

right, one day the Buddha found a man working on levitation his whole life by the river. The Buddha said, good sir what are you doing? He said, watch, and he floated across the river. The Buddha simply walked across a bridge to get to the other side and remarked, “How absolutely pointless.”

This is me paraphrasing the story though.

I don’t think it is pointless. I think child like-ness is the key. It is not wrong to practice up these things. They increase freedom degree. So you will be able to do more things in theory. That doesn’t mean you will do something wrong or pointless. Just potentially increase freedom degree. However i think balance is the key. Of course it can be pointless if somebody practices it all day and do nothing else.
Anyway I agree with to point of Christ-hood. Showing off is not a mature spiritual act. I think they have freedom to do it when they would like to but the point remains in causes and motivations. If motivation is wrong the whole thing will go wrong. If it is good or at least neutral than it won’t supress spiritual growth.

I don’t think i would try to learn these things from spiritual satanism or anything related to satanism. I don’t know why would somebody do that. There are many peacful and loving non-dangerous, non-damaging way to learn them and they are surely as effective as these ‘extravagant’ ways, or more effective.

Anyway I don’t know why people think that for example christianity is against these things. I am a christian with fundamental evangelical views but i have NOT a LITTLE problem with experimenting with soul travel, thought communication, feeling others feeling and react to them,telekinesis(a bit cause it is hard…) and all weired things like that. :happy:. To me my faith is even more inspirating than any yoga or systems like the secret(However i like yoga and I read yoga sutras also they are very inspiring). Anyway it is the Bible which says that All things are possible to he whover believes.
Manly nature can supress it and fear and ignorance. I think God, has no problem with practicing it if reasons and motivations are good and the source and energy from which you learn is also in harmony with the good.
So there is no church conspiracy…
You will find people who label these things as superstition and you will find fear from these things in ANY culture… muslim, even Indian cultures. It works exactly the same way everywhere. Childlike positive attitude and faith with love will always liberate you. Many comparations and analysis and hersey hunting and trying to know the wrong examples will supress you. That’s so simple.

Something else
Anyway I find myself physical manifestations very difficult. I think it is much easier to do mental communication and things like that than make a change in the physical world. Thats why i find yogic like flying incredibly difficult. Physical world seems so sticked to itself :happy: you know. Seems hard to change. It is stubborn :happy:

Ya just gotta free your mind. :razz:

freeing the mind takes time !

devotion and dedication


In short, Yes… it would take lots and lots of meditation, and then some.

I have seen something similar once, except it wasn’t really like flying, it was more like leaping while in the lotus position. I have however heard many stories about monks hiding away in the mountains… doing things like re-growing limbs, manifestation, remote viewing, etc. so I think it is a possibility. You have to remember these monks go through all kinds of body conditioning, martial arts, eating healthy vegetarian meals and meditating from the age of 4… clearing all their karmic debt and what not.

One day my friend… One day… :om: