Liberal vs. Conservative Dreamers(Study!) … 266fad43ed

This is such a weird study. Seems to me they weren’t really thorough enough. Many of the differances were probably affected by how much people want to admit to having dreamt about. What do you think?

i’d say there were too few people in the study. with so few people, only a couple hundred from each side, there are too many variables that can affect the numbers. of all the findings though, the idea of conservatives having more LDs seems the most unsettling one to me. it just doesnt seem logical to me that the conservative mind, that apparently doesnt use even close to as much imagination in dreams, would even think it possible to LD at all, much less use it to any extent.

as for most of the results, i would say they fit the stereotype pretty well. the idea of conservatives being blissfully unaware of the downsides of anything that they do and only seeing what they want, as well as ignoring the idea that they can go outside the boundaries of society’s norms, seems to fit well. that liberals see the downsides of things (and how to make them better), and the ways that stuff can be exploited for “evil”, aswell as having more diverse ideas and beliefs and going outside what society deems accepted, seems to fit the stereotype too.

even so, i would say that the study needs much more people before it can really be given any weight in a scientific setting. you would need thousands of people from each part of the country, aswell as from every tier of society, for the norms to become apparent.