Life in the Netherlands?

I want to study abroad in the Netherlands next year but I am kinda nervous about doing it. I want to know from people who live there ( I know there are quite a few of you on this board) what life for a young adult is like? Is partying and potsmoking looked down upon there even though it is legal, what do people do in their past times? DO most people speak english? IS US money worth more? I am really intersted, the dance music scene which I am a big fan of is big there with parties such as the Love Parade and Dance Valley but obviously these are once a year events. What kind of life can I expect if I come there as an average college student?

Hi Monk :smile:

well, it kinda depends on in which city you are going to study.
i have never been the outgoing type, so i wouldn’t know about the pot smoking and/or dancing (although if you go study in amsterdam, you will get plenty of both)

what do people do in their past times? i guess that is similar of ppl in the us and what kind of person you are…

$ at the moment is less worth than the euro, about 0,80 euro for one dollar.

most cities do have their own student life, you will probably live in a student house, with other students, and go to the same college. Every city has its own student life, where leiden, amsterdam and utrecht are the most well known.

i think you would enjoy it here!

i’d enjoy it there…

is it easy to get LSD and mushrooms and other “harder” drugs, are they leniant about that too… are they LEGAL?

I have never been there my self but, a friend of mine went there and holy reality I think you would fit in there quite well. :smile:

yeah… except for the cold weather, i’m under the impression it’s pretty cold there or something.