Life must be freaky when you don't know about HI or SP

Two days ago, I nearly fell asleep on the sofa …when I woke up there was a face really close to me it had many rips across its flesh. Then it was gone.
Minutes later it happened again but the face was further away and was covered with plague-like spots.

At the time, I thought ‘Oh my, I’m so glad I know about HI’. :peek:

Anyone want to add similar experiences?

Hahaha same! :happy: Something like that (but less scary!) happened to me months ago: I tried to move but couldn´t make it, the only thing I could move was my hand & it looked transparent & ghostly— then I realized that the real one was still resting next to my body, and I was like “OH, RIGHT… SP” & got back to sleep! XD hahaha :lol:

HI Ladies (I like puns). Yes. My parents didn’t understand when I had HI related issues when I was little. Things were like this since ever. I don’t know how this has influenced my LDing.

Ahh yeah. I first saw hypnogogic imagery when I was 6. I was a little freaked out, but I also stayed pretty calm. :razz: Maybe deep down I sorta just ‘figured out’ what was going on…

The imagery was of these weird monsters on the living room wall (i was sleeping in the living room with my parents at the time) XD

Sleep paralysis is scary. Even knowing about it now, when it happens to me, i often worry i might…die from it o.o Or never ‘get free’. My mom said she always said The Lord’s Prayer when this happened to her, though.

off topic - I’ve prayed a few times in dreams when afraid.

Prayer, or rather calling for God has helped me in dreams too; I guess having faith that God would help me translates into the dream and I do get out of most of very bad situations (except in the cases where the dream tries to guilt me for not reflecting on faith enough in waking life).

On topic, yeah… I don’t really have SP that often (maybe had it once or twice?), but I get A LOT of hallucinations on waking. Luckily, they first started innocently enough. My first one was a giant wasp, when I was 17. Then there were spiders, lines, circles and other shapes. Then it escalated to demons and dead people. :happy:

If it weren’t for LD4All, I’m not sure if I would handle them as well as I do. My boyfriend has certain health issues due to which he has to avoid stress as much as possible, and I can’t afford to wake up screaming next to him. So this is a good opportunity to thank you guys.