Light blue/White arm?

Ok Lets see. This morning I had a dream, about this girl and her little brother who were in my house talking about her Boy friend as they were worried because he hasn’t came home yet. So i got bored in this dream and went to sleep in it. Next thing you know i woke up in with loud vibrations, i was mad because this happens ALOT, and im never able to fully get out and explore, so i just said to my self “screw this im not gonna bother im going to just let the vibrations go away maybe il wake up” well aparently that wasn’t the case for me. The vibrations did NOT go away, they just kept getting stronger and i kept getting mad’

So i just said “bah lets go” and i tried raising out it was hard, very hard infact, and i managed to get my arm out, and i waved it and it was light blue/whitish and very pretty, then i kept trying and felt my self floating threw some portal like thing very fast, BUT i could also feel my body, so i switched back into my body and here i was with the vibrations so i tried switching back to my other body, but it didnt work so i just thought that i’ got stuck back into my body and started thinking "wow i cant wait til i wake up and get out of this so i can tell the 2 about it (the girl and her brother) and i woke up really scared, checking my right arm lol :tongue:

Anyway, was this a astral experience? etheric? ect ect, Plus has this ever happened to some one when where they thought the dream place was there real life and got confused?

My opinion is that you were falling asleep consciously. It’s just a dream (nothing astral at all) IMHO…
I’m very Labergey on this… Laberge wrote about it in ETWOLD.

I agree with ClarkKent! :smile:


My opinion is that you were falling asleep consciously. It’s just a dream (nothing astral at all) IMHO…

What exactly does this mean? it seemed very real though…

Kon_Keptz i read ypour post again and its simple…i have had this many thimes myself…when i go to sleep in my dream i often wake from that in a trance stage…a weird trance stage…with effects u described!

It was not astral you just entered a weird trance stage.


I am not writing this to offend anyone but i feel like i have to write it, i think it is save to say that noone here would have any real idea what happened to you i think it is kind of narrow minded to say it’s just a trance state or a dream theres so much we dont know and understand you have to find out what it was for yourself trust your instincts if AP is real that may have been what it was it could have been a trance or a dream but when you know you know(if you get my meaning) if you have experienced it and it was real to you and your gut tells you AP then it was probably AP.

I can relate a little

I myself have had only 3 APs in my life. I guess thats pretty good though two of them were spontaneous and one out of a non lucid. All of these have a very, very distinct feel from LDs. After all of them i would sit for maybe 10 minutes (or longer) just thinking about the whole experience. Theres something that just tells you it was an AP, and theres also that kind of odd spiritual…something that lingers for a good while afterwards, kind of hard to convey though. In my own experience AP always leaves me feeling very different, much more aware and of higher consciousness. With LD’s (which i admit are few), i never really glow afterwards, just kind of think ‘wow that was cool or enlightening’ but my perception and consciousness remain pretty much the same as if it were a non lucid. I would say the big difference is that i tend to think about LD’s more, and that after an AP, i just kind of sit there in awe, almost like some sort of peace or higher ‘presence’ if you will.

Sounds like a dream in a dream , to me,

We talked about this earlier, its possible but usually doesn’t happen, its a nice experience though.