Light sleep/heavy sleep, longer LDs I guess

I wonder if a light sleeper can change to heavy sleeper with exercises every night. I had this idea because once a noise woke me up from an awesome LD :grrr:
For example, if I want to have longer LD’s and don’t be awaken by external senses I could train myself just letting some music play all night in the room or having the TV on and trying to sleep, but I don’t know if this is healthy for my mind and body and sleep patterns so I ask you guys. Maybe I could trying with low volume at the beginning and increase it little by little every night.
This also could be a trigger for lucidity because the body is not used to the situation, that usually increases awareness but I don’t know, that’s just a thought and want some feedback about my plan. Thanks!

No comments on this? I need help plz!

There are minuses if youre heavy sleeper too.Main one is that you dont wake up few times at night which makes your chances to ld lower.Sure you have plenty of techniques to use even then,im just pointing that out. In my personall opinion youre trying something that would be hard to accomplish and additionally will not bring desired effects or just little ones.
Just using earplugs will cut you off enough from external noises.And even then you got to know that it sometimes happen that you will be awaken from ld- heh its just life situations and you cant prevent them all.
I usually have this dillema when sleeping with my gf- i realize that it might end by her waking me up in least proper moment.I keep separate bed in the house in case i feel “tonight its the night for lding” and go there for silent night.
good luck