Light sleeping and vivid HI - how to have LD? [new title]

Old title: Huh…

Ok… well…
The other day i burned the “subliminal lucid curse” and “subliminal lucid curse 2” files from onto a cd. I got home and transfered them onto my x-box so I could listen to them as I slept.

Well for the past few days that I have been listening to them as I fall asleep and the only way I can fall asleep is by not thinking. Just completely zoning. If i don’t zone out, Iend up in a state with very vivid hypnogogic imagery. Like so real that I could almost interact with it. Well for the past 2 nights I tried to use the HI to create my dream and enter it, but to no avail. Also when I do zone out and fall asleep, I notice that my sleep is very light. I usually sleep like a rock until my dad bangs on my bedroom door for me to get up for school. Well for the past nights I have woke up in the middle of the night and the music will still playing and I drift off again. I do remember having dreams but I can’t remember what they were about.

Is what I am doing harmful to my goal of having a lucid dream or is there a way I can use my light sleeping and super intense HI to create a dream? If so, how?

My advice is to stop trying to manipulate the HI, that can sometimes make it stop. A better way to use HI to enter a lucid dream, is allow yourself to be ‘carried’ into the dream. Wait until the HI is very vivid and scenes and sounds start to form, then, expect to become a part of it. Don’t try to become a part of it, just expect it, and hopefully, you’ll end up in a very nice lucid dream.


Good advice.

Last night i decided not to listen to the 2 files all night like I’ve been doing because I wanted to get a good nights sleep. I went to bed like usual at 10pm and for some reason I woke up in the middle of the night as if I had been listening to those files again. I tried to go back to sleep. Instead I ended up accidently Wild’ing. I felt my body spinning and being pulled back into a dream. Because I had just woken up I wasn’t thinking very much and I got scared and stopped the spinning. Once it stopped I was thinking perfectly fine and realised I had just almost accidently WILD’ed.
I thought, “Hmm. Ima try again.”
So I layed there and imagined going to school like normal. Once I got to school I started to create a mess running around destroying stuff. I was so into it that i started to transition into the dream with the spinning pulling sensation again. I guess I’ll never get used to the feeling cause I pulled out again.
I wasn’t gonna give up so I kept at it. I imagined the school gym and started to create a mess in there. I punched this one dude and immediately I was getting the pulling spinning feeling, but this time as I was spinning the guys face was zooming in and out with me. Sadly yet again, I aborted.
I had heard music the 2 previous attempts and I decided instead of imagining the place, Ima imagine the sounds. I started “Listening” to IronMan in my head. It got to where the music kept playing even if I didn’t think about it. After about 20 seconds of listeing to it I noticed somthing different about myself. I KNEW NOW was the time to look at my hands. I did and I was there. I could still see the darkness of my eyelids out of the corner of my eye, but I ingored that cause I knew I was in my dream now and my only obstical was me not staying aware.
Immediately apon entering the lucid dream, my sister was there. She kept hitting my lightly with a stick. It was slightly annoying so I thought, “I’ll just make her stop.” I didn’t put much willpower into it but my dad came out and told my sister to stop. She stopped for about a minute and then kept hitting me. I walked towards my dad and saw my brother. He was holding a gameboy. About here i forgot to stabilise my dream and it faded.
All in all it was an amazing experience. The “lucid curse” and “lucid curse 2” files worked and helped. Not quite in the way they were meant to help, but they helped regardless. I’m going to continue listening and from now on if they wake me during the night I’ll just WILD.

This is basicly what I immediately saw apon entering the ld.

Sounds like a very cool WILD :smile: