Light timer method

I’m thinking about trying the following technique tonight:

Hook up my 12V halogen desk lamp to one of my 15-minute step timers. How would such rapid light changes affect you during sleep? If you’re in REM and in total low-light condition, and then suddenly a powerful lamp lights up above you, what do you suggest would happen? Would I wake up? Shocked? Nightmares?

Oh, perhaps we’ll see tonight :smile: I’ll post my results…

Total depends, are u a deep sleeper? light?

and are you crazy?!?!?!?!? lol i need all the sleep i can get and i wouldnt want a dam light bustin me out of rem lol, good luck and i look forward to ur results

That sounds quite promising.AFAIK, light makes you produce less melatonin, and therefore you won´t sleep as deep when the light is on.Then you suddenly get more melatonin again when the light is off, hopefully keeping you in the dream and making the dream more vivid.
You just got to experiment with the intensity/duration until you get it right.

However, I wouldn´t use it all night, and not every night.If you overdo it, it could perhaps take away some of the sleep you need

Please keep us posted about the results