Limitations while lucid?

I bet this has been addressed allready. But couldn’t find the right keywords to search for a topic pertaining to it… I’ve found that, when I do happen to become lucid. Or realize I am dreaming and try different things. Like flying for instance. It sometimes is hard. I know I’m dreaming and can fly if I want to but can only seem to get a few feet off the ground. Also in a recent dream I had super strength and was tearing apart evil spacecraft. But when I tried to hammer throw one into the distance it only went a few feet… Its odd, anyone know whats up with this?

This is a very common problem. I’ve found that it occurs when there’s a moment of doubt, that maybe, just maybe this won’t work. Like my friend in his first LD, he told me thta he’d tried to fly, got into the air then fell again. I asked him if he had thought to himself that maybe he’d fall, and he said yes. So basically, if you’re strong willed, you should be able to access these powers by just saying to yourself that you definately can, because this is a dream. That method is a lot easier said than done. Another thing that people do is take a sort of “Lucid Pill” where they reach into their pocket and take out a pill that will make them more lucid, or in this case, able to do these things. This can be applied to many situations and obviously doesn’t just have to be a pill. Good luck!

I made a thread not long ago about not being able to fly fast… Like a vehicle that reaches its max speed and cannot go any faster.
But later on, actually two weeks ago from now, I had a LD where it seemed as if I had no limits. I just wished to move fast and then fly upwards to outer space… and it worked. just like that!
I think the trick is to think about it, not try doing it, you know like when you strain your every muscle (in a dream) and try to move faster and higher… that will never work.

Make a wish to fly straight upwards. And you will. :om:

Sweet didn’t really cross my mind on the self doubt thing. :content: I’ve found walking through walls, floating around, conjuring weather, using energy blasts and spells easy greasy. Only times I have difficulties is flying REALLY high.

What I find that I like about using the energy blasts is. I can FEEL this energy flowing through my hands and can concentrate it into this ball then direct it wherever with devistating results :razz:. But the fact that it has its own distinct feeling and pressure to it is amazingly fun.