ok so a few days ago i had my 1st LD so the first thing i try is to fly but to no avail anway in my dream i was fighting an ogre (go ahead laugh) so i picked up a stick and purposefully expected it to magically kill him also didnt work so get this the one thing that I read is the hardest thing to do while lucid…magic. I made tornadoes come out of my hands and he dissapeared. So my question is why was i limited?

it’s hard to get used the fact that you need 100% faith in your abilities. getting used to the fact that you can do whatever you want takes time since we’re all used to being limited in waking life. you also may not have been as fully lucid as you could have been, did you do any awareness increasing methods?

actually no i didnt do any RC or lucidity enhancers i was too excited!

I agree with CCHawk, either you were not lucid enough or you just don’t have enough confidence that everything will work like you want it to.

I find that I don’t have the confidence, even though I know I WANT to. Does anyone know a way around my mindset? I got advice once on it (spice things up in real life; jump off a building in a dream just to get a new sensation) but I tried it and it’s not working. I can only do things halfway, barely, or not at all; it seems as if the only thing I CAN do is get into a lucid dream and then walk around and stare at stuff. o.o

Well, on the occasions I’ve been lucid, I never had any troubles with powers. So I can’t really help much except say that you really need to believe that it will happen like you want it to.

Besides believing, try to do things naturally. Don’t think something like “FLY!!! FLY *** YOU!!!”, just stand on the ground and float to the air.

Thanks for the advice, guys. I’ll try that tonight. Normally I think, “Ok, so, it’s nighttime. Yeah. So, uh, sun, go down. Go down. I said, GO DOWN. NO! WRONG WAY! GO DOWN SMART ONE! GAH! GET BACK HERE!” XDDD I’ve gotten REALLLY desperate. XD

The brain comes up with these limits because, well, because of the reality- So what you need to do is go to the environment in which these limits don’t exist.

For example, if I want to… Uhm… Make DC’s obey me completely, I’d perhaps jump through a tv (saying that you can) and find myself in an episode of “Heroes” or something- Cause here, controlling people by giving them commands is possible.

You get what I’m saying?

I struggled to speak when I first opened my mouth in a lucid dream. I sounded like I had suffered a stroke. It just took me a little practice to get it right. See if you can set aside a little time in your dream to practice things you struggle with, just like you would in real life.