Limits of the imagination, or lack thereof?

Wow, I haven’t posted here in ages, but I had an odd lucid dream experience that I thought was worth sharing and perhaps getting some feedback on.

(Sorry if this isn’t in the right forum… I know this dream isn’t akin to OOBEs, etc., but it’s more of a discussion-prompt than something that would fit in a dream journal and… I guess I’m really not sure where it goes :eh: It’s been so long since I was active here. Feel free to move it if it fits somewhere better.)

So… even though I haven’t been actively trying to lucid dream for years now, I still have them now and again, especially this summer since I have fallen into a sort of polyphasic sleep rhythm. But during my last nap I had one of the oddest LD experiences I have ever had in my lifetime.

When it started out, I was in my house, walking through the hallway, and I saw multiple clones of my dog playing with each other. I thought that was odd, but when I saw my old cat run by (he died several years ago) I realized I was dreaming. It was then that I became aware of how intensely vivid the dream was-- I could see every detail of the house clearly, and it was exactly like my own house, no weird dream distortions or anything. It all felt so real that I ended up reality-checking several times throughout the dream-- I simply could not believe it.

After getting over my awe I decided that I wanted to go meet a dragon. So I floated down the stairs and ran outside. At this point I felt the dream start to fade so I spun circles in the driveway, which helped immensely. However, I could not manage to fly-- only float a few feet off the ground for short periods of time. So instead I looked up at the night sky, hoping I would see a dragon I could call to me.

Soon I saw the shadow of a dragon shimmering in the sky, but it was very static and generic, almost like a piece of clipart on a piece of cardboard being dragged through the sky. Nonetheless, I started to call it down to me, but began having my doubts about whether or not my imagination would be able to bring a fictional creature into this intensely vivid, realistic dream. I wasn’t sure my mind would be able to construct a three-dimensional, photorealistic image of a creature I had obviously never seen in real life.

But then, as if my mind sought to answer my questions, an illuminated screen appeared in the sky, and began flashing a variety of beautifully detailed images that (I believe) I had never seen before. They ranged from landscape paintings to cartoon skunks to photos of animals I was unfamiliar with. The mind-screen seemed to tell me that all these images were created by my own mind, so I began to believe that perhaps if my mind could create images like that, it could create a dragon for me to interact with.

Unfortunately I was so absorbed in the images that I didn’t feel myself waking up :sad: So I didn’t get to meet my dragon after all.

A number of things made this dream strange-- one being the extreme vividness of it all, another being the apparent conversation I had with myself inside the dream. I have never had anything even remotely like that happen to me before-- it kind of weirds me out, to be honest. But what I don’t know is if this is just a random act of dream-chance or if my subconscious genuinely was trying to communicate with my conscious mind.

I am tempted to take the dream slightly out of context and apply it to my waking life-- lately I’ve been struggling a bit as I write and draw (purely for pleasure) and seem to be doubting my abilities, which has stopped me from taking on any projects that I feel I don’t have the skill or talent for, and my skill advancement has been very, very slow, perhaps as a result. So perhaps my mind was telling me not to doubt my limits in waking as well as dreaming.

But I might also be fooling myself… I am pretty skeptical by nature. I really just don’t know what to make of it. It seemed too -real- to be just another random dream.

I dunno, any thoughts guys? :confused: Have any of you ever had a similar experience you wouldn’t mind sharing or any alternate interpretations? Do you think events that take place in lucid dreams have more credibility than events in normal dreams? Am I just going nuts? :bored:

Hi Maneda. Nice dream. Really beautiful. I love the extremely realistic ones, they are the best. I liked the dog and cat part rsrs.
I think messages in dreams, in normal or lucid ones, are pretty much the same. When you have to get a message, you will get it, being normal or lucid. There’s normal dreams there are even better than some lucid ones.

So, what to say. Enjoy it.
Hopefully you’ll have more of that.

Well, being skeptical about yourself will not take you to anywhere.
Believing in your own ability, if not help you to get what you want, will help you to improve your ability until it reaches the necessary level to get you what you want. Either way or another, unbelieveness serves on nothing.