list of induction techniques WANTED!

hey all!
can anyone post a list about all the different lucid dream induction techniques i.e. WILD, MILD. :cool:
i really need to learn some new ones because i have been using WILD and it only works sometimes at very random times.
Posting a list or telling me a good URL would be greatly appreciated :wink:

The wikibook has a very extensive list of techniques in the Induction section.

ok ill look there :content:
does anyone know anygood books that have induction techniques listed, if anyone knows can you please post the title and aurthor here.
Anyone got any new techniques that work really great?
please, go on and post them here :smile:

WILD, MILD, RC&DS (and perhaps some else as well) are all explained in “exploring the world of lucid dreaming” by stephen laberge. Most dreamers agree it’s the best book on lucid dreaming, at least concerning the “scientific western” approach (you can’t compare scientific books to tibetan spiritual books, they are just different)


hm, i know these:
HILD (hargart’s tech)
PILD (punishment induced. When you punish yourself with lets say cold shower when you dont have LD. crap tech IMO)