Listning party in Chatroom.

Ive been trying to host a listning party for awhile, and Im going to do it. The time… Friday night March 27th 9:30 pm Central time. The album will be one that I think mosst of us LDers will like. Pink Floyd “Dark side of the moon” We wil synchronize the album to play at 9:35 thats when we will all hit play. It will be like we are in the same room. So bring your chips, dip, beer, and whatever else. If this works out, and everyone likes it. Ill host more every Friday night. We can put down albums we would like to here. Now I know Ive tried this before, but I dont know whatever came of it. So remmber Friday night 9:30pm the party will begin we can chat live, and listen to the greatest band in the world. So if you dont have the album you have a week to buy it. It will be alot of fun. Ive had one before, and we really enjoyed it. We felt connected through the music. I hope you will join in, and if it works out nice we will be doing this every Friday. Put down some other albums that you would be entersted in listning to

Thank you I hope you will perticipate…

Here are some albums I would like to do if this does work out. Someone else can choose the next album, and will take turns.

Any Pink floyd album is Ok with me

Radiohead Kid a

Mazzy star amoung my swan

Dave Matthews crash.

This sounds like a fun idea.

If i can remember about it (im sure i will), I will be there. Its on the ld4all chat?
Sorry if you mentioned it, im really tired. :tongue:
But ya, sounds like a lot of fun and I will be sure to be there.
BTW, Pink FLoyd is awesome. :tongue:

Sounds fun, I’ll try to be there.

Which timezone is that, central time? What is that in GMT? many chat members are european, and i have a feeling that this is in the middle of the night here.

it looks like it is gmt -5 ?

Maybe there should be separate days? I don’t know! :cry:

I believe the time would be 0230 UTC.

Ill have to figure out away that people on the other side of the world can join in. I could hold two partys, or find someone else to host another one. Whatever you think would work best.Now Im going to do Pink Floyd The wall live album on Friday sometime in the month of May that itll give some time inbetween for others to get in ther album request. Now “The wall” will be a big one, because its a two disc album. So we will have a intermission between the C.D.s. The name of the album is "Is there anybody out there, the wall live 80-81. This will be like were at a concert. Im glad to see people are entersted I think this will work. So put in your album request, and Ill set up the schedual for them. I would like to have the listning partys on Fridays.

This will allso be a goodway to introduce your favorite bands to the forum.comment removed I would like for everyone to be open minded, and atleast give it a chance. That being said… Lets get this party started. Instead of posting your request P.M. them to me, and Ill schedual them in. I might just end up holding it monthly instead of everyweek, but as of now it will be a weekly party.

Im ready lets get this party started. Remmber we start spinning the C.D. at 9:35

so, how did it go? :smile:

It went great, there were atleast three, or 4 people that paticipated. Im thinking of going ahead with it, but doing it every month.

I think that we should have a bit more organization on it though. :tongue:

Have any ideas?

Aww, this sounds like to would have been really cool to take part in! Curse my internet hiatus! I’d definitely like to participate next time.

Well sence nobody has made any album suggestions for this months listning party, Ill choose again. You still have time to get in your request so PM me on what albums youd like to hear. Will have this one April 28th, starting at 8:30(Push play at 8:35) So I guess Ill go with another Pink Floyd album considering thats mostsy what I have in my small C.D. collection… The album will be “The Final Cut”

The time is 8:30 CST?


What’s that in EST? Oooh, Pearl Jam - Ten is a good album. Plus, the ‘Legacy Edition’ of it just came out in America.

It’s 9:30 EST. Another good album is Godsmack - IV. It has a dream-like feel to it.