Living in a cartoon world?

I don’t know if this has been asked before, but could you get a LD wherein the world looks cartoon. As if you are a cartoon character in a cartoon world. It would sure be an interesting experience but I cannot imagine how it would looki like.

I imagine it would look like a cartoon :wink:.

And it’s certainly possible. I think I actually remember reading that someone here had done it.

I’ve been somewhere that looked like a Futurama episode. And i often get scenes that look computer generated 3D graphics (cheap ones). However i’ve never encountered any cartoon DCs. :smile:

That would be awsoume and definitely possible, try watching alot of cartoons or get a picture of a cartoon dreamland. Then visualise the cartoon dreamland in your head and use the WILD method with the cartoon dreamland as the picture.

I’ve met cartoon characters and I got once my LD to look like the movie Waking Life. :smile: So it’s possible and pretty cool.

sounds awesoume!! (congrats)

I have had several NDs that turn into Simpsons episodes… and I look like a simpsonisque type caricature! Everything is a 2d!.. and I still don’t click that its a dream!

Keep doing reality checks where you would have to look at yourself in your dream ( look at your hands during the day and say am i dreaming, more than likely you will say that in your dream and notice your hands are well… yellow!! :tongue: making you definitely notice your dreaming good luck tell me how it works out for you P.S. If you want some more advice let me know.(glad to help :grin: )

Ok brace yourselves, lol jk.
I had a ND that was like family guy, it was so random Bryan(the dog) was fired from a newspaper company for doing some scam which i watched in like 3rd person but at the end i saw i was just watching the news exposing him. And i was with Peter and some of his neighbors when the landlord(in the dream named lockis but no landlord in the actual cartoon) got crutches in some get-rich-quick scheme and we had to care for him. Yet despite all this weirdness i didnt become lucid.
Ive also had a dream that had simpson characters in it, we were all locked up in this super strange dungeon thing. Each character in a different cell and the cells were like completely out of gravity some floating, none lined up. This i also didnt become lucid.

Ive had many simpsons dreams, and also ive had a few dreams where I was in the old pokemon games, with the same graphics nad pixel counts and everything.

That’s right. I’ve found these 2 little threads were people said they have dreamt in cartoon. They didn’t gather a lot of answers…
[url]Dreaming in Cartoon or stick figures]
But they were ND’s, no LD’s. It would be funny to change a LD background in a cartoon world… :grin:

I turned my LD by watching a TV with some random patterns and then leaning into it with the expectation of things looking lik Waking Life. It didn’t work immediately, but when I kept waiting for it, it worked.

My cousing looked really strange and blue.

note that anything in a dream seems normal so dont become too discouraged if you cant become lucid even if you see a five legged dog flying.Just a tip, try doing the WILD method but put yourself in a cartoon world. Also before you go to lala land try doing a couple of RC’s that would make you really snap that something is wrong example (looking at your hands arms legs etc…)

I’ve had lots of ND’s where I’m either playing a video game or am actually the character in the game (I can never ememeber which it was after waking up). I’ve dreamt I was Link from a Game Boy games, so I’d say your dreams could look pretty cartoonish.

One night Ive had a cartoon dream that looked like a Jhonny Bravo episode ^^
Was kinda cool but the most weird thingy was that I was perfectly sure it was real :tongue:

I had a Family Guy dream too. Peter and Lois were getting seperated, and Stewie wanted custody of the kids. (who had turned into babies themselves) Weird stuff… :bored:

hahaha, I love Family Guy!!

I often encounter cartoon characters in my dreams. A least once a month, mostly about every two weeks. It is weird to see the contrast between flat cartoon people and 3D scenery.

That’s actually not that unusual, when in a dream everything seems normal no matter what. (unless your about to become lucid or you already are.) Trust me on this my mom had coaslaw cake with whitney houston’s mom and didnt think nothing of it until she woke up.

Today I dreamed I was in Springfield and I talked to Lisa Simpson, but it didn’t look like a comic, more like GTA San Andreas.