Living Your Dreams While Lucid

Reaper here. Hey I was wondering. Regulary Lucid dreaming is fun and all. But Normal Dreams allways seem to be more interesting. So is it possible to be lucid but everything happen around you as if it were a ND? That is could you be the actor in a movie Your lucid but you go with the story of the dream?

I figure it would be easier if it were a DILD, because you would know where the dream was going to go.

It could also be used for dream interpretaion, but if you “go with the flow” too much, you may lose the LD…

yeah, it is possible to be lucid in your dreams and still act like it’s a ND. You run the risk of losing lucidity like Bigmac2112 said. it helps if you are constantly reminding yourself that you are still in the dream. But pretty much what BigMac2112 said is right on, from my opinion. I don’t think it would be that easy to still have a scenario like a ND if you use a technique like WILD since you pretty much have to create one from your imagination. But nothing is impossible in the dream world. Be confident and keep on trying. :happy:

Thanks for the advice :content: Dreams I like the ultimate video games…

I do that quite alot with my LD’s (The ones I have) At first, once I gain lucidity, I just explore where I am at first, see everyone. Look for anything weird, but at the same time i’m reminding my self this is a dream, ( Could easily get distracted, and forget).
Mainly to see where the story might take me, for example, someone could jump through the window.

Well i hope this works for me too