LL, WILD, DEILD and Dream Clock

Thanks to Lucid Living I was able to realize I was dreaming this morning. I woke up shortly after, but then, for the first time, DEILD worked for me. Behind my eyelids I started seeing images of a green skull ramming into me and talking to me. After a bit of that, a window opened in the distance, a flight-attender-ish voice kicked in and told me, “You are now entering your next dream, it will be a peaceful, enjoyable dream,” [spoiler]which was absolute bull as it dumped me straight into a scene out of System Shock 2, and I was bombarded with kamikaze Protocol Droids[/spoiler] after which the window got closer and I entered the dream through it. After messing around for a bit, I decided to test the Dream Clock thing but woke up halfway through keying the times in. Does it matter whether I key in REAL TIME or DREAM TIME first?

Now that I’ve experienced that HI thing, I was wondering why WILD never works for me. My entire body goes numb but I don’t get any imagery whatsoever. Am I supposed to keep my eyes still too? I don’t think it’s to do with the time I try it, as this morning I tried it just before I gave up and fell into the dream in which I realized I was dreaming, which was at about 3-4pm, 4-5 hours into my sleeping pattern. Am I falling asleep while trying to WILD and then waking up in the same position, with the same thoughts, or something?

Sorry if this is too many topics in one posts, didn’t want to make too many.

I know what you mean as the many times I tried to WILD I ended up drifting into my thoughts, which I was sleeping, but thinking at the same time & awoke to it being like 4 or 5 hours later to find that nothing happened but I was still thinking about trying to WILD drifting in & out of consciousness. It was like watching a blank screen for what seemed like about 30 minutes.

Anyway about the dream clock, I don’t think it matters but I’m not completely sure. I tried it once in a DILD, on a piece of paper … taped to a computer screen :content: … [spoiler]I put in 5 hours for Real Time & I think about a day or 2 for the Dream Time. It was a school day so of course I had to woke up later … but it did work & the rest of the dream was fully lucid & adventure filled (people turning into blank “paper men”, me having to fly away only to fall in a mysterious village where people dressed in Spartan clothing told me they had to fight off big cats that were terrorizing their village, but when I flew into the cat’s village & kicked one in the face, they looked helpless, defenseless, in a “wtf dude?” sort of expression. Needless to say, the dream ended with me destroying the village of the Spartans forcing them to apologize & live with the big cats, this was separated in about 3 diff. dreams & it felt like a day.[/spoiler]

Thanks for the reply, good to know I’m not the only one this happens to. At least now when I do get another LD I’ll have a basic idea of times to set on the clock, I really didn’t have a clue.