"Loading" Dreams

I think I heard (Most likely from this forum) that you can “Load” dreams (Like a Video Game), that you can continue from where you left off last dream.
This true? and if so, how do you do it? sounds like it could come in handy.
Cheers :wink:

hmmm…something like this happend to me the other night.i was having this realy weird dream but at one point i woke up(duh) but went back too sleep right away and had the exact same dream agin…

I sometimes have these ‘buttons’ on my left hand in which i can save my dream and then return to it. really weird.

But this happens in the same dream.

When i have to make a descision and i can’t decide, i save that situation in my dream and then afterwards i can call it back and restart from that point. Dreams like that are almost like adventure games.

this has happened to me but not by choice, i wish that was something i could make happen though.

It’s true. Everbody has a different way of doing it. I just think of it and I’m there. For me it’s kinda hard for some but easy with others.

If you just screw your eyes up and ask/visualize it (whatever floats your boat) it should work. Well, could work. Might work.

how I do it is think of the place and visualize it. I then close my eyes and open them again. If I do it right I’m there.

One time when I was very young I was having this dream. I woke up like 4 times, and every time I went back to sleep I was just continuing the dream.

Too much computer and video games

Still i have to say i love the hand-save-return idea…

Well, there is a technique that’s something like a MILD. When you wake up with that last dream in your head, put your full concentration on it. With luck, you may fall asleep and continue that dream.

I think we all should share our preferred/imagined techs of saving and loading dreams. I have a few ideas:

Imagine you are talking to some old sensei (teacher/master, in japanese) and ask him to save your dream. As for vice versa, ask him to load it for you.

Or, stupidly enough, imagine you are saving everything into a cabinet file like a .zip or a .bin file. (Nerds get what i mean right away.)

Or try using a save point as you would IRL games, just like in FF or other relevant RPGs.

The most important factor, is your concentration and IRON WILL to do it. If you fail by any chances, you have not been adequately concentrating on your wish.

Sometimes when I wake up and fall asleep again the old dream just continues… But otherwise I bet you could just try and change and LD so it resembles the dream you want. Not really the same, but I think it might be somewhat easy if you have LDs often.

Happened to me a lot when I first started to LD. If you’re lucid enough you could easily continue a dream.