Locating Lost Objects

Hi Friends,
Can i use Lucid Dreaming to locate lost objects? Can it applies to even finding whereabouts of Persons?
Why i am saying this is that i lost my new IPod and belive someone would have stolen it. I want to know where it is…Atleast want to know who might have taken this…
And i have a crush on this girl but do not know the address…Wanna use LD to Know her Address or atleast speak with her :tongue:

I doubt that. Since dreams reflect what we’ve experienced, it’s impossible to locate something you can’t find IRL. If you’ve never been to a house, your brain won’t be able to make a true image of it, therefore, you will never find the adress of the girl in your dreams, unless you ask her IRL. Though, you can always talk to her as a Dream character, and maybe have some fun together :happy:

Dear Paulius, thx mate, ur view reflects my view…
I do beleive that u cannot access to what has not been identified by mind before but ever since i read ‘Universal Mind’ i seem to think otherwise. It says our universe is an interconnection of all minds existing in the universe and its possible to access info which u dont knw. If not LD then i am sure i can do it by AP as AP shows real world and real people :smile:

You might be able to remember where you put something, since you have this information in your head I can’t see why you shouldn’t be able to locate a lost object. Given that you are the one who lost it in the first place.

But finding out someones whereabouts? No. Since lucid dreaming takes place in your mind, using your senses and the knowledge you already possess, it is impossible to acquire new information from an outside source. You could however use what you know and try to figure something out yourself. :content: