"Locked" In a lucid dream?

I was wondering if it were possible to secure yourself into a Lucid Dream. Could you keep yourself there as long as you wanted?

Another thing, would it be possible to have days, weeks and months and maybe even years pass in a lucid dream, and in reality only a few hours? Has anyone attempted this yet?

I wish!


(In order.)

Well…you gotta come out of it sometime, right? It’s possible to extend the length of an LD, but unless you’re straight dead, you’re eventually gonna wake up…it’s inevitable -.-

But that aside, yeah–you can pretty much stay there as much as you want once you get used to it–it’s obviously easier to slip out of an LD, though, so of course it’s the difficulty increases the longer you try to stay. I’ve never really woken up intentionally, so I can’t say I’ve ever stayed as long as I’d really have liked to :roll:

And as for the time thing–staying days and weeks and months and years in an LD only to have a few hours pass in WL…I’ve only ever achieved a max of maybe somewhere close to a week (not counting my one dream that may have occurred over billions of years when I witnessed the birth of a baby universe). But rest assured, there was a lot of “dream jumping” in there, so time was real…jumpy and inconsistent. All I can say is, the longer you stay, the crazier things get or you’ll realize you’re dreaming only for it to begin fading (unless of course you know how to retain lucidity :good: ).

I say, have at it, Ayen :good:

Depends on how long you want, but you obviously have to wake up sometime.

People talk about this all the time. Some claim to have had dreams that have lasted extreme amounts of time. None have been proven, and the best explanation is that they jump around, like a movie that is only two hours but the story spans a much longer time-frame.

yeah its TOTALLY possible man

no LDs so can’t tell ya :sad: lol
but i mean staying in a dream (and i know i sound like i hate LDs but i don’t i want one really badly) isn’t as random as RL
gotta stay somewhat grounded
but then again grappling around in a powersuit does beat sitting in a desk and getting cramps any day (matter of fact all day).

someone oce said that it is impossible to stay in it for a very long time while i real life only minutes or hours pass because your brain cant process that many infomation (like a whole lifetime) in that short real life time… i thing i agree…

THat. like. locking yourself in a dream would be awesome. But i don’t think you can do that symbolicall like theat. you gotta use techniques. If I could do it, I would stay for weeks at a time or more. Screw any type of maladjustment to normal life because of it! The more time you ahve in life the better. And even if it’s not really that long time. Only an illusion. I take the illusion as real any day. If it seems like weeks it seems like weeks adn thereis no need to overthink it like. It’s only your mind playing tricks on you. It doesnät matter. Although it would be mor etime to do everthing you wanna do if it’s really that long youäd appreciate it anyway. I think so. And I’m drunk righ tnow. That explains my spelling, it’s crap I know i just donät bother polishing it up. rambling on like i do. Like Richard pryor says, “If somebody drunk, they gonna be talkin.”

…how do you “prove” that you’ve had a lucid dream that lasts a ridiculous amount of time? Someone’s always gonna say “oh it was jumpy” reguardless of what you say… making such an excuse, however often this is the case, will inevitably shoot down the one person that actually did do it, and also inevitably ends the chances of anyone finding a certain way to do this. -.- I hate it when stuff like that happens…


Well, there is no such thing as time anyways. Understand that and you’ll be closer to understanding reality and dreams (which are part of it of course). :smile:

@Trung Of Wu :happy:

I would just as much want to learn to have dreams that trick me into thinking it lasted ridiculously long. So whatever technique is presented that will give me the experience, even if it’s not accepted by people who didn’t even come up with it. Even if it is not explained how it works. The experience is the important part. Some people feel it’s more important to explain the experience and make it seem less than it was by pointing out technical details. It’s like complaining that flying in a dream isn’t “really” flying.

you got that right i agree!

well maby if you would give yourself a goal in a LD that could only be possible like in “3 dream days”, and if you would make yourself really busy and involved, maby you dream would HAVE TO last 3"dream days" ? just a theory…

or you could wake up in the middle of the project

But hopefully that won’t happen.

Maybe getting really involved in it would help you stay lucid.

Or maybe you would get too involved in the dream and forget you are dreaming :eek:

but still be lucid or not?

Locking yourself in a lucid dream? I wish—or maybe not. Give me a chance to think about that first. :uh:

A good amount of the time my lucid dreams are known to fade into a gray void between the dream and what feels like my own imagination. :help: Now if I could prevent that, I’d be happy enough.