logical mind

Hey everyone Receently i’ve bencome really interested in crytograms and puzzles and word games etc.there is something that had come to my attention a few days ago while doing one i was just at my desk working out some puzzles and diciphering crytograms when i though hmmmm this is exactly what i need to get my logical mind working to have a lucid dream. now i was wondering has any ever tried anything like this like doing any puzzles or math probles before going to sleep ?? and see with me i do these puzzles like in the afternoon or morning time now when exactly should i do these puzzles before going to sleep and also i had a dream about me doing a cryptogram but i dont wanna dream about doing them i wanna use them as a tool to awaken my logic in my dreams . how is that done ??

oh and by the way for those who dont know what a crytogram is it s a quote or phrase encrypted (one letter stands for another) and you have to decipher it. you can often find them in newspapers

You think logic thinking in your dreams would make u lucid?
If that would be so then scientists would have more lucid dreams then average ppl.
logic is not the same as awareness and self reflection.


in a way it could help Lucidity if you use it as a Reality Check. since most people can’t see numbers/letters properly it could be a way for some people to trigger lucidity.

lol, dreaming of doing math problems… heh