lol ok so i freaked out last night about to do wild

i came on the forums to read a little more about wild.
which led me to seeing people say they were scared.
which led me to sp
which led me to old hag
which freaked me a little and i didnt sleep all night
thinking even if i tried to normal sleep
i would still wild. or i would just dream i was doing wild ;
i know more negative stuff gets pumped up then the good
so dont think im one of those guys who only researched the bad.

im not scared now
i think ill try it tonight. but i dont know…
what do you guys think?
advise? or something would be great

SP and Old hag are all natral things. A lot of people never really notice them, but they happen all the time. I personally practised inducing SP, and now I am very comfortable with it.

If you are afraid of SP/Old hag then you could always just use a technique that does no induce them (which is just about every technique, apart from WILD).

Of course, there’s no reason to be afraid of them, but hey - there’s no reason to be afraid of spiders, but I still am :wink:.

Samuri, i’ve been trying to find out how people induce SP, but found nothing. I haven’t experienced it yet, but would like to. How do you induce it??

When I first found out about lucid dreaming I read a lot of stuff about sleeping. SP is like a safety mechanism your body uses to prevent reckless actions while asleep. Your brain basically says time to shut the body down. I was very interested in this and I use to have a lot of time on my hands. At night I would lie down and meditate, I would focus on one part of my body. It would tingle slightly, get stonger then go numb. I would just practise targeting different parts, my feet, hands, arm. I am at the point where i can do it sitting at the computer if I want. I just look at my hand for a while and focus on it. Try just lying down and focus on something, like your hands. Thats how it happens to me anyways.

I can make everything go numb too, but I dont believe this is SP. I can move if I want to, so I dont think this is SP. But maybe it comes soon after.

I can make my body go numb too, and thats usually the first sighn of AP, but the thing is, is that I have to concentrate on my body, and hold my breath at the same time. I wish I could do it while breathing normal, because I could probaly AP. Like I could make my body numb now while awake, but it just takes alot of concentration. How do you make everything go numb, can you still do it without having to hold your breath?

[color=green]Hi area51 and all

When you go to sleep, just think of relaxing. You will find that your body is not completely realxed even if you are laying comfortably. Just let go of your body. I find it easier to start it from leg first. First my legs and working it up my body. I experiance the ‘falling’ literally after 3-5 minutes.

gungraves, same advise to you. Just relax your body and know this that its all part of the show. Even now, my breathing gets heavy when im WILDing. But im learning to control it. Keep trying. It will come to you :smile: [/color]

Area 51, I have to do that with my breathing too. I feel like I am close to achieving something, but then I realize that i have not been breathing then i take a breathe then everything goes back to normal. But maybe its almost a NDE lol.

gungrave515, you’re likely never to experience neither SP trouble nor Old Hag. So let people frighten themselves by telling scary stories, practice WILD and see what happens really.

Heh, the times I’ve had SP, it was very relaxing and allowed me some great time to think, I could see it being scary if you needed to move though.

Well… the Internet can have this side-effect. This way, I got my own short-term hypochondria (called cyberchondria by some people) after reading about a few diseases, but I’m glad I got over it. All you can do is trust advice given by more experienced people.

I also got my first hypnagogic imagery induced by WILD today (I had hypnagogy before learning about it, but I woke up voluntarily, since it was too strange). After reading about SP and Old Hag, I also worried (and I still do) about it, though I never experienced it consciously. Worrying decreases my motivation to engage in LD activity a bit, and this is not good.

Can WILD trigger or amplify the frequency of SP/Old Hag? I mean, for someone who is not prone to this, can it lead to this phenomena?

About your first question, I can’t answer. I’m not subject to SP trouble and my WILD attempts never gave me anything like that.

About your second question, it’s very unlikely. I would have said: it’s impossible (cause SP trouble seems to be related with melatonine rates), but 2 people here said in another thread that they experienced SP after they learnt LD’ing. SP trouble appears when people are about 17. It occurs to 1 person in 6. How much were they old when they learnt LD’ing? Was their SP due to LD’ing or would have they experienced it without LD’ing? I think we’ll never know. Anyway, I think it’s very rare.