Long chats with DC's vs. exploring your dreamworld

What makes your LD last longer?

In my last 2 LD’s i happened to chat too much with my DC’s and they happened to be too talkative and there was not much moving around besides asking questions and getting (looooooong) replies. Besides i was afraid in LD that i cannot recall their long talks anyway. So both of those LD’s happened to be shorter compared to my other LD’s.

While when i am exploring my dreamworld, doing stuff and having shorter talks with DC’s (or talking and exploring at the same time), my LD’s last longer.

Have you noticed the same in your LD’s? Or do you have different experiences?

What last longer for you: LD’s where you basically only chat with DC’s, or those where you walk around (or fly around) and explore much?

Also how much can you recall IRL if your DC is very talkative and gives you long replies?

I also find they last longer when theres a lot of different things happening, the more detail the better :ok: Planning in advance what you’d like to do will help, saves you from wasting time, while lucid, trying to remember.

I haven’t done a lot of talking in my LD’s though. It is something I need to explore.

in my own experiments i have found that more movment = longer lds, but that doesnt mean that talking to a dc makes your ld shorter :wink:

i am pretty sure there have been a few real experiments as well check out www.lucidity.com under one of the aritcles there i think you will find an example where steven (oh man its been so long i cant remember if it is steven or stephen lol) tryed staying very still or falling down flat on his back to try and see if the dream lasted longer, but he found that he awoke very quickly.

where as if he spun and created movement there was a change in the dream sence and longer lasting ld.

as far as i am aware through what i have read and done in my own ld’s i think it has to do with how much you are paying attention to the dream world and what you are doing in it. for example when you are standing talking to a DC you use your eyes and ears and mouth thats really about it. but when you are moving you use eyes ear and u feel things wind against you the ground beneath you your thoughts are more thinking about the dream and you feel it more which makes it more real which in turn keeps you in the dream a lot longer.

ummm i dont know if anyone else has any other reasons why movement may keep your awareness in the dream world a lot more… but i would be really intersted to know what others think.

I never have really long chats with DC’s. I lose interesst with after a little bit.

But, I do wander around a little, I say the occasional thing to the DC’s (my favourite is to tell them that it’s a dream and if they don’t believe me, to take a RC. sometimes the DC’s help me to take control).

But, I find my LD’s last longer (as in around half an hour) if keep myself busy with something or a number of things (not really all that hard in an LD).