Long-Term Lucid Tasklist!

(Hopefully someone else gets involved because endless replies by me might make me sad… :frowning:)

Anywho… I was… really lucid this morning. I tried for the mirror task again… but my mirror turned into a TV so no points for me… but I did have three lucids so… well… I get to tally those up. :stuck_out_tongue: One Short and two Medium-Short LDs for me!

For reference, the task board can be found here.

My lucid dreams are very infrequent and rare, plus there is a whole bunch of stuff on my own to-do list that wants to be checked off first. So I thought the ltlt isn’t really for me.

On the other hand, I already had 3 LDs this year, even though really short ones. So I may still join, just not doing the tasks very much but racking up some general “I had a lucid dream!“ points.

Unless I got a fit of laziness, I’ll reopen my LD4all dream journal.

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Another medium-short lucid for me. It is nice to be having lucids regularly again. :smile:

For reference, the task board can be found here.

Keeping up with the trend, one more medium-short for me.

For reference, the task board can be found here.

I’ve been watching the tasks because I love the ideas! I just haven’t had anything to share!

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2021-01-29T06:00:00Z?: Be Kind, Rewind! I will be setting an alarm given I’ve done this twice now…

Objective: Rewind time to re-experience or change an event.

Experienced something really cool? Made a mistake and want to change the outcome? Just rewind time a bit and give it another go!

For reference, the task board can be found here.

I want to report Crystal Clouds, a lucid dream without any task achievement. As for the duration, I think it was about 2 minutes. I’m not so sure if it was really longer, so I’ll do with just a single point.

For reference, the task board can be found here.

I have two dreams to report. There was lucidity but no tasks. According to my understanding of the rules, since they both happened in the same night, I can only claim the lucidity points for one, is that correct? The lucid part wasn’t particularly long in either of them so it’s just a single point for me.

For reference, the task board can be found here.

Hey Marvin! Congrats on posting dreams! I’ll mark you down for for three short LDs. You can claim multiple LDs in a single night, however you may only claim one task. This is to prevent overloading a single dream with doing many different tasks. You should do a task and enjoy it for the dream as a whole. :smile:

Also… I’ve been putting the reference links at the bottom because I’m kinda hosting / participating simultaneously so it made sense for me to constantly refer back to it so that my last post always has the task board in it. You don’t have to include it in your posts… but if you do that’s okay. :slight_smile:

For reference, the task board can be found here.

I already did a task, I just didn’t have the time yet to post it. I need to satisfy my OCD by strictly posting dreams in order of occurrence :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the rules say only one lucidity point award per night, maybe have a look and revise the wording. I kind of like the rules that way but I won’t complain if I can cash in those two dreams from a single night :content:

Also, I know that I don’t have to repeat the link. XD But since you always post it I got the idea that would be funny (in a meme sense) to end all posts in this thread with

For reference, the task board can be found here.

:neutral_face: Oh… I forgot my own rules while doing this… joy… I shall… update things accordingly on the task board… you saw nothing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho… meme away… I suppose I shall too. :stuck_out_tongue:

For reference, the task board can be found here.

I come here before you to claim my points for Into The Blue, a lucid dream where I accomplish the second task which was to grow extra arms.

The whole dream was easily 10 minutes in length, maybe more. But I guess you only count the lucid stretch for the points :grimacing: If that is the case I shall be awarded no more than 1 lucid point once again.

As for the task I think it rightful to call 5 additional points my own, since this is the first time I completed the task. Unfortunately I didn’t get to actually use the extra arms but the task only asked for growing them. And since I still want to do something with the extra grip available, I shall attempt again. I have this really awesome idea which is why I picked this challenge first. Awesome in a young teenage boy’s sense, but people always tell me you can do anything in a lucid dream so I hardly feel the need to justify what I’m doing with my dreams :smile:

I have a suggestion. If the task list is running for a while, trying to claim points for a task a while back may be confusing. “Eh, which task exactly do you man?“ kind of situations. How about adding a simple unique key to each task for use of referencing, like a running number?

For reference, the task board can be found here.

Wait. I think I’m just realizing we can claim points for LDs without accomplishing a task? My mind definitely didn’t connect those things until reading through this thread again just now. :lol: How annoying would it be for me to post an excerpt from every LD I’ve had this year so far for points so I can participate this whole year @Cornelia_Xaos ? :rofl:
I’ve had 3 so far.

For reference, the task board can be found here.

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Do eeeet!
The more the merrier they say. Plus, if you have LDs every now and then you can also casually cross off some tasks if you stumble into a suitable situation. The task list will eventually be full of available tasks that you can do.

Umm, this brings up a point I might have misunderstood. Can you complete any of the past tasks or only the last one that was released? I understood it was the former, which I like a lot since my LDs tend to be very irregular in occurrence.

Lots of chatter here! Let’s see…

Congrats on the points, Marvin. I too did the Many Arms task this morning! (In a short LD, as well.) Fun little coincidence. And, yes, you get points just for growing the arms, but the spirit is to do something with them. I spent my time this morning flexing and getting a feel for them.

I’d rather not attach arbitrary numbers… but if you need a key, might I suggest the release date? I had considered number them, but ultimately didn’t because each task is associated with a particular date… so… You could refer to the Many Arms task as the 2021-01-15T06:00:00Z task, and I will understand that just fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

It wouldn’t be annoying at all. Please do! Another name on the board would make me quite happy. :grinning:

You can claim up to any one task that has ever been released each night provided you did the task after the exact moment at which I posted it to this thread. So, yes… all previous tasks are an option until you hit five successes. Then you can keep doing them… but they won’t give you points (beyond, maybe, the lucid points :stuck_out_tongue: )

For reference, the task board can be found here.


Ahah great!
For some reason I thought we had to be doing the tasks to get points haha

So I have:

(Excerpts from) Jan 14, 2021

I see my father placing stuff into my box where I keep sentimental things. Apparently my parents have opened the box and decided what they should get rid of or not. And apparently, they’ve read my old dream journals I keep in there.

I almost panic. What!? How could they! And they kept it a secret from me! My mom starts to ask me a question about Carol and I run away. I run out into the snow. I flop down near a vegetable bed in which beets are growing.

[[Recall Gap]]

I stand at the side of my sister’s bed in my old room. Suddenly, as if I’ve spurted a leak, water gushes out from my side.


My clothes are soaked. I consider the possibility that I could be dreaming, but everything feels so real! I end up scrutinizing the numbers on the microwave; they are inconsistent and I decide I must be dreaming.

I recall my intention to meet STEVE for tea and find myself outside of what could be a bar or coffee shop. Nearby, my girlfriend stands. I turn to her, recognizing a smile that doesn’t quite match my girlfriend’s smile.

“STEVE!( Is that you?)”
She replies playfully like she was trying to trick me but I caught her “YUP!”

I run my hands through her hair and find her appearance shifts to something that looks more like her usual self. We walk into the coffee shop together and sit down at a bar.

“What do you want (to eat or drink. Remember, no coffee…)”

“CAKE!” She replies enthusiastically.

I laugh, “Alright,” I raise my voice to the wait staff and gesture to the empty bar in front of us. “Let’s get some cake over here!”

While we wait on our cake we have a quick conversation.
[[ Snipped ]]
We sit somberly until someone brings us our cake.

It’s a single slice of mousse cake or cheese cake. It has a gram cracker crust and swirls of chocolate and caramel syrup on top. STEVE shoots me a mischievous grin as I notice fancy coffee beans also on the cake.

I can’t help but laugh as I roll my eyes. “Alright, fine, have your coffee beans.” It think the cake might contain some kind of coffee liquor. It’s very rich and it’s delicious.

[[Recall Gap]]

We dance together. We flow around hand in hand. It’s a delight.

[[End Recall]]

(Excerpts from) Jan 29, 2021

…We’re supposed to go to the local carnival, down near the river.

I am wearing some strange shorts with a pattern I don’t like and try to find some suitable cloths that I like that feel like me. I notice I am wearing my black binder. I like how I look in it.

The dream is unstable and suddenly find myself outside the building, standing beside some construction materials. This is a dream? It’s slipping! I stick my hand in a pile of gravel. I stare at the gravel. I can’t feel it so I run my hands against some metal sheets, pushing my hands into the edges so it hurts.

“Ough, well. That hurts but it does work.”

I walk to the side of the hotel and stick my body through a window. I guess this is a dream, then. Earlier in the dream my girlfriend had agreed to take me to the skate park. I decide I still want to go and I see her vehicle driving beside the hotel.

I see her in the passenger seat, and Carol at the wheel. She turns around the side of the hotel out of sight and I quickly follow.

I see my girlfriend’s SUV has changed into a slick sports car the same jade green as Carol’s lipstick. It’s a convertible and the top is down. Summer is gone, but Carol casually leans against the side of the vehicle.

(Will you give me a ride to the skate park?)

She smirks and moves behind the wheel (Sure.)

I get in the passenger side and she takes off at an almost reckless speed. We zoom through the landscape with the carnival on our right and the river on our left. There are several hills, and with the speed, the car lifts into the air at the crest of every hill, soaring into the sky. I feel weightless in the air like gravity has been suspended until we hit the ground with a little bounce. I am delighted; this is really fun. Carol matches her driving to how one might tear around in a vehicle based video game, although gracefully and without damaging the vehicle.

We zoom over a little stream from the river and I think too late that I should have make a ramp out of ice.

The dream’s instability ripples throughout the world and I end up standing in front of the parked car. Carol remains behind the wheel. I take a step back against the car, and feel a sharp piece of metal cut through the back of my right thigh.

It hurts really badly. I look at it and muse to myself that in WL this would be a stitches situation. Blood starts to stream out of the deep cut. I try to dismiss the pain as I get back into the passenger’s side of the vehicle.


(Excerpts from) February 4, 2021

I’m floating high in a dusk sky. The colors are purple and soft, quite similar to the colors I’ve been using in my comic art. I am ascending upwards, lucidly aware.
I find that my usual floating posture lets me get higher, but assuming the superman stance with my fists in front of me lets me cover some distance. However, in the superman stance I lose altitude slowly, so I switch between the two postures to fly.
I feel very free. Weightless. Perhaps even a little giggly. I smile.
Flying may be the cliché of lucid dreaming, but I find great joy in my light heart, as if it’s holding me off the ground.

Below me looks like the interstate and the rolling hills that go by my childhood home.

Suddenly, the dream shifts and I lose lucidity.
I’m with a group on the ground, getting in an inflated tube in the stream that runs nearby.
[[End Recall]]

So I’m really bad at judging the length of my dreams. Most of my lucid dreams tend to happen in the last few hours of sleep (I know because I often wake up in the middle of the night and they happen after that, quite often the last dream of the night. I don’t usually lapse in my consciousness between the end of the lucid dream and waking up for the morning.) and feel like…really long???
Maybe this is unusual but I’m not sure. So I’ll just do my best to estimate…

The first one was…probably longer than 8 minutes??? so 5 points?
The second one was shorter than that one, probably between 6-8 minutes, so 4 points.
The last one was actually really short for me, I would say probably around 3 minutes, so 2 points?

For a total of 11 points? I’m not sure how anyone estimates time in their dreams :lol: it’s always feelt strange to me despite being pretty good at estimating time in WL.

For reference, the task board can be found here.

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It’s the same with the quests, you are especially doing this for yourself, so you can feel easy about the estimation. Nobody will blame you for doing it wrong, because we also don’t know any better how long your dreams actually are :lol:

I also find judging the length very difficult as I haven’t done it before. But practice makes perfect, right? For starters I evaluate the dream in regards to the course of actions I was doing. Then I imagine how long doing all those things would have taken me in waking life. Then I add a touch of feeling offset or factor to end up with the final result.

There’s also the thing with accelerated or slowed down consciousness as well as false memories in dreams which can make dreams feel like hours or even much longer. I’m not sure how to judge those yet and I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. But I assume the points of the LTLT are supposed to award the accomplishment of having your mind stay in a lucid state and this should be judged from a real world perspective. So I guess the minutes probably ought to represents how much in real world time your sleeping brain spent in lucidity. For those extreme cases anyway. For normal dreams estimating based on the dream experience alone should be a good enough approximation :slightly_smiling_face:

For reference, the task board can be found here.

I’ve logged your points @Splash. :slight_smile: We’re now up to 4 people on the task board. This makes me really happy.

That is mainly the intent. Ultimately, the time estimates are yours to make and don’t have to be completely grounded in real world time. Short of hooking yourself up to an EKG machine and communicating via signals that you’re dreaming to measure the time you’ll never get an accurate result. I personally do something similar to what @Marvin does, but I probably bias it a bit more to how long the dream internally felt (30 seconds doing this activity, 20 seconds talking to some DCs, a minute or two of flying, etc.).

In the LC, lucid dream lengths were relative to your personal best / average. I found that made it even harder to do good estimates or even have a sense of improvement so I swapped it out for fixed time lengths instead. While it might end up being harsher on newcomers (most of my first LDs barely broke 30 seconds, I think), I believe the feeling of accomplishment at lengthening a dream is very rewarding.

For reference, the task board can be found here.

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Was trying for additional arms but not much success? Transformations are tricky! About 4 or so minutes lucid though before dream ended too soon.


Hi @Surrealistic. So I went ahead and put you down for a medium-short length LD (was this supposed to be a medium length?). As to the multiple arms attempt… did you succeed? I can’t tell if you think you did from your post or not.

As for me, I had a short LD this morning… Sadly no tasks.

For reference, the task board can be found here.