Long time reader first time poster

I had my first LD last night!! Well at least the first since I have been on a quest to have them. I used to have them as a child quite often but I could never manage to fly more than 2 feet off the ground :smile:

Anyway I digress. Last night I was dreaming that my brother (whom I love dearly by the way) was trying to kill me. The funny thing is he thought I was going to tell somebody that he wanted to kill me so he decided to kill me so I couldn’t tell anyone :cool_laugh: Anyway we were at my parents house and we both had guns and he was chasing me into the neighbors yard. I shot through the neighbors glass and ran in and woke my neighbor up so that if my brother killed me my neighbor would know who did it. Well as I was running around my neighbors house, I noticed that everytime I ran into the living room, there were stacked up boxes around but they never stayed in the same place. That is when I thought to myself. This can’t be right! Am I dreaming? Holy cow I am!! I didn’t need to do any RCs because the second I realized I was dreaming the whole room became as clear as if I were awake. It was almost like once I realized I was dreaming the room brightened up and everything came into perfect focus and all the boxes and everything were put back into place and stopped moving around. I was absolutely aware of my surroundings and knew that my mind was completely conscious while my body lay sleeping! Anyway, I was sitting on the couch and I looked at my neighbor who wouldn’t stop talking and I told him to be quiet. He kept talking so I told him to knock it off because it was my dream. Then since it was such a new experience I wanted to see what things felt like in the dream world so I touched my neighbors arm. It all felt as real as if I had grabbed a real arm. I got so excited that I had finally achieved true LD that I woke myself up :smile: I couldn’t stop thinking about that experience all day and thought I had to share it with all of you. It really does work!

Congrats!! :grin:

What an interesting concept; killing someone so that they couldn’t tell anyone that you killed them…only in our bursting imaginations…wild!

Although, next time I would definitely recommend talking with the neighbor - that’s when things can get really entertaining! :flower: