Long time still no lucid dreams

Hello, I’ve been into the topic of Lucidity for over an year. I forgot about that and only recently started serious on that. Keeping dream journal nicely for several months now, writing almost every day at least one dream (sometimes ~3 come up). Trying to do reality checks, even got a clock that I associate with reality checks. Closest I’ve had to realizing its a dream is a thought “This could be a dream” and trying to PINCH myself, only to forget about that intent and keep on dreaming. And that was provoked by that dream which was getting monotonous and I was looking for a way out.

After nothing happens with DILD, tried WILD several times. The previous time I laid for some time, then my eyes started moving rapidly. Unconfortable, but still I waited for a hypnagogic phase or something. Nothing came but darkness. Waited again, REM a second time, shorter this time, yet still nothing.

Today I tried in the morning after getting 7 hours of sleep. I’ve been lying for about 2 hours. After that swallowed on accident and anything that resembled SP fell off (maybe it was just stiffness). That could be that I’m not relaxed enough and there were some distractions, so plan to do it again on a calm sunday morning.

Any advice on how to get a Sleep Paralysis and really get to Hypnagogic imagery/sound ? :smile:

Try this technique. While I haven’t been able to try it properly yet (auto-suggestion didn’t wake me up at nearly the right time… I was pretty tired), others have had some success, and it’s not as complicated as MILD or WILD.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Seems like a nice technique, doesn’t screw up your sleep if u don’t succeed at once ^^ Btw I guess I will either have to use an alarm to wake up after 5 hours or sleep in the afternoon - autosuggesting to myself I wake up after a bit of sleep probably won’t work for me.

You’d be surprised, actually. I haven’t used it in a while, since I convinced myself that it wouldn’t work (and so of course, it didn’t), but when I didn’t know what auto-suggestion was, I could consistently wake myself up on Christmas morning at 2:30. As long as you expect to wake up, you’ll wake up. You can also drink a whole bunch of water before you go to bed, and then you get a bit of WBTB in there too XD

As a matter of fact, today i discovered a method called FILD (Finger Induced Lucid Dream). It looks pretty neat and suits my taste. U lay still and don’t think about what u see or something, just when u are getting sleepier, u start tapping with fingers slightly. After that, do a reality check by breathing with the nasal passage closed (think I got the hang of it - just stop breathing like u are going underwater, then try the action of breathing in).

Will probably go for that one, besides, it has the plus of not going through SP - basically a quick sleepy WILD with no sleep paralysis and physical action instead of mental. Seems easy too :smile:
PS: Probably will be trying both of these methods.