looking for BETA testers

Hey there is someone on another forum looking for BETA testers for a new program he developed to induce lucid dreams. The slots for non-lucid dreamers has been taken up but if you lucid dream a bit you may want to sign up and enhance your abilities. Heres the link. astralsociety.com/Forums/ind … topic=5885

It’d do it its just…

I have to get up at 7, and I’m usually doing homework well into 9 pm… :cry:

Ooh, I see he gave new times… I’ll think about it, it’ll still be hard.

Hey timmerdogg, do you think you can ask if he can release it to anyone else who is interested in testing it? I have a really hectic schedule that definitely wont fit in there…

ok ill try pming him. I’ll probably have to wait til tonight or tomorrow for a reply. I’ll tell you as soon as i get reply. I’m going to a party tonight… so ill get back to you asap. :tongue:

I have my own LD techniques that have given my LDs once or twice a week. I don’t need “BETA” testers, but I share generally what I am doing in on this topic: https://community.ld4all.com/t/learning-how-to-operate-your-brain/9426

Infection0: Yes he will be releasing it to the public as soon as the testing period is done. Hopefully its a great program that will be worth the wait. :grin:

great, thanks!