Looking for dream diary software for PC

I’m looking for any good dream diary program that i can run on my PC with Win-98, and also that will have password option so only i will be able to read it.

Anything good that you know about?



I am nearly finished an ap called DreamLogger, It should be finished in a couple of days. It has 120 bit encryption.

i think that someone else may be making a dream journal program as well. i dont remember who it was but i want to say it was called dream somthing. use the search feature at the top of the page to see if you cant find it.

hah! found it. Djem is making it. i didnt check to see the name. heres a link… i think

slagt.net/ld4all/viewtopic.p … ht=journal

I know a lot of programming and i’ve decided to make one for this forum, ill post it on this board in a week or so. Shouldn’t take long, i’ve been programming since, like, forever…

here, i got it done in like 5 minutes


You can thank me anytime :cool:

Not bad for 5 minutes of work mindpath, but I think the people of this forum are looking for a few more features. Formatted text would be useful, as would the ability to automatically add a date and time to each entry. Perhaps some security also, since most of us would rather that other people couldn’t read it. A search option, maybe some additional pages for things like comments or dreamsign listings.

If you have the time, why not try adding some of the above features. Good to see other people making an effort.

I actually wrote a little dream logging program for PalmOS-based Hand Held PDA devices, which I thought was pretty cute. Maybe I’ll start on a full-scale Windows version when I get some free time.

You should take a look at DreamAnswers, a bit expensive though…