Looking for mor avatars

What the title says. The Avatar selection on this site is rather limited, so I’ve been surfing foe eons and i just can’t find a single jpeg or gif that is 65 x 65 pixels or less. I’d love a wider choice though. Any suggestions? :eek:

Stop the press! I’ve been an idiot. Found a site with gazillions of 'em:


For all of you.

That’s awesome. I was looking for avatars as well. :smile:

If you got a picture U wanna use, just resize it whit photohop or any other picture program. or U can do as I have, make your own

Thanks I thought that was a thoughtful idea. I’m getting kinda tired of this avatar that looks too much like Jedah from Darkstalkers 3. I’m a Gycinomorph and look nothing like that. To see what I DO look like go to www.anime-chat.com/chat.shtml to chat there. You might find me there :cool:

Your link got a 404 respond, sorry.

I have no idea what a 404 Respond is nor what it’s for. I might know what it is under a different term though :eh:

it’s a code used by servers when a page dosn’t exist. and your link www.geocities.com/demi_chi_zaerus/Zareus_Lair.html is broken. there is no document called Zareus_Lair.html. It might only be a misstyping in the link.

Oh man I feel stupid! Typos, damn you all! Sorry here it is : www.geocities.com/demi_chi_zaerus/Zaerus_Lair.html There try that. That will work, sorry for any inconvienence. :shy:

Thanks for the link Monkfish.

I’ve been wondering where to get avatars for a while too. :content:

I can’t tell you where to go that already hasn’t been stated, but I can customize some avatars for some of you. I 'm not the best artist out, but I am one hell of a good one. I only work with graphite pencils and basic colored pencils. Simply private message me the design and I’ll see what I can do.

I know a link that lists 1000’s of avatar sites.
The avatar sizes on these sites are either 64X48 pixels (suitable for this site also) or 102X116 (need to be resized if used on this website).

The chat program these avatars were once used for no longer exists in the same way it used to. Pity, as it was once one of the biggest ‘graphical’ chat sites on the 'net.

Anyone that would like help finding something in particular or would like me to edit any avatars for use in LD4All just drop me a message.

Ings avatar links a-z.
Ings avatar links by type.

note: some of the links on this site may no longer be available.


Needed One Of These!