Looking for the right alarm...

I recently ran across a technique for lucid dreaming/OBE. If you have the time, please watch this video so that you can better understand my question:

I was wondering if anybody knows of an alarm clock, or online alarm clock that can be set for multiple times, and with an alarm that turns itself off rather than forcing you to turn it off (i understand that most alarms are for waking you up and getting you out of bed, but i need one that will wake me up and then let me fall back asleep without any movement).

Alternitively, if you find an online alarm clock with an alarm that turns off after about 3 seconds or so, then i can just open up multiple pages or tabs to set different times. I looked pretty hard online, and couldn’t find much. The guy in the video suggests that you get a cooking timer and keep it in your hand so that you only have to move a thumb to turn it off, but i know that there must be an easier way.

Thanks in advance for the replies.

Hmmm… I saw one in another topic… I wish I could remember…

There was some kind of watch for the deaf with a vibrating alarm similar to what you described- it would reset itself and you can set the interval for the alarm, but I can’t remember the name…

yes, i know the topic that you’re talking about. i believe it had something to do with a “vibration initiated lucid dream” or something similar.

I suppose that that could work if it’s not too expensive. i’ll try to find the topic. thanks for reminding me about it. :content:

No problem. I think the thread had some more budget-conscious solutions too- I hope you find it!

if you go to lucidology 101, the website that the movie came from, he has a timer there that you can download.


Smeester, that’s what I wanted to say before I read your post XD The problem with that alarm, though, is that it’s written in Flash, so you can only play it with a computer or smartphone.
My brother had something for his cell, but I don’t know where he got it. I’ll check it out.

that is true, if you do find that other one, let me know please.

I found the watch. it’s called the vibraLITE, but a lot of people on that post said that they couldn’t feel the vibration during their sleep, so i don’t think it would be good enough to wake me up…

and i haven’t checked out the lucidology website yet, but that’s my next stop. :smile:

Thanks for the heads up.

I think the type of alarm really changes the way you wake up. I used to use a song on my mobile as an alarm but that made me think too fast :smile: Maybe static from a radio alarm clock?

I had a Zen Alarm Clock Link to vendor removed., which was absolutely wonderful when it worked, but despite the exorbitant price tag ($119 !!) the control module is very cheaply made and burned out irreparably after just a few months. For this reason I recommend against it.

For me the perfect alarm clock would have multiple alarms, and a library of non-harsh sounds that you can choose from and assign to individual alarms. I want to be woken an hour and a half before my normal wake time, and then at my normal wake time, and I don’t want to have to fiddle with the settings in between. WBTB works most reliably for me for both lucid dreams and OBEs.

A technique that you can do is create an audio file on your computer and say whatever you want that is loud enough to wake you up. like WAKE UP WAKE UP etc. You can set it on repeat for like 1 hr 40 mins or so.