Losing Contact with Reality

Say you get used to doing reality check you are in waking life you get the wrong idea andthink your dreaming couldnt this lead to you doing something bad?

EX.Throwing yourslef infront of a car to see if traffic would stop a little exatraded but you get the idea

Wouldnt this mean theres a risk involved in LD, does any body ever find it hard to tell the diffrence between real life and dream life

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I can’t say that I find it hard to tell a dream from reality.

Normally, I just know I’m dreaming, without even having to do RC’s (Reality Checks). There’s just a certain feeling to my dreams.

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Thanks for that, I just heard it from this lucid dreamer it kinda sparked my interst

I agree! Yet this feeling somehow doesn’t trigger lucidity sometimes!

But I think that what Jkup is inferring/asking would be on extreme cases, in which the person could possibly be categorized as insane.

Maybe if you have a severe case of schizophrenia.
And just what reality check would actually ‘prove’ that you are dreaming…yet actually being awake. None.
Only a completely crazy person would decide something like," I wonder if I am dreaming…I will throw myself into rapid traffic…if I live, then I am dreaming, if I get hurt, or die, then I might be awake." :bored:

Most of the time, in my case.

Yes, but I think he was being a bit extreme in his examples.

If you seriously can’t tell reality from a dream, you’re probably having a panic attack. (Derealization, or Depersonalization).

When you’re in a dream,it always has a certain feeling to it, it takes little effort to notice. Plus, if I’m in doubt, that’s what RC’s are for :tongue: their specific task is helping me discern reality from dream, so if I do one (a good one, to be specific), I can’t possibly be wrong about the result.

I sure wished I was able to “feel”, this feeling I am able to feel what a lucid dream feels like, cause I’m lucid and can actually chose to remember how being lucid feels. But Normal Dreaming is just too real, I do not feel any differently in dreams as I do in real life, at least not as far as I can tell.

Well think about it, if you’re not lucid, it means you could be not paying attention to it. If you take a moment to notice, you may feel some part of your body is slightly hot,or cold. It was this way for a while, but you didn’t register that, even if it was ready available.
In the same way, when trying to become lucid, and/or when effectively lucid, it sure can be felt much more, because you’re paying attention to it.
It’s a matter of keeping track of it as a (quasi) habit, once you become aware of that you can recognize the difference at any time.

I heard it from this article I was reading, its a pretty big exadration thoe i know

I could easily imagine throwing myself into traffic in a dream if I had already proven by reality checks that I was indeed dreaming. But if I did it in the real world, it would likely mean I was psychotic. Lucid dreaming by itself is not likely to make one psychotic, so I don’t think that is really a danger. The reality check you use should be one or more that really do show it must be a dream. I started out with LaBerge’s wristwatch one…the numbers on it always look weird/wrong in a dream. I then started looking at the text in a book, which would change if I looked away and then looked back. I tried the putting my finger through a mirror, but couldn’t always find one in my dream, so I started putting my finger through a wall or a desk, whatever was around that looked solid. Now, I just try to put my finger through the palm of my hand.

I was asked questions like this when I was trying out I-Doser. Because I-Doser tries to recreate feelings by using binaural beats, my friend asked me if it could replace your need for real feelings. If you would get “obsessed” with having artificial feelings from I-Doser there to feel for you instead of trying to get those feelings yourself in reality.

Now… I-Doser is complete BS but questions of that nature is bound to come up for LD’s too I suppose. Personally I don’t think that would happen. Unless you’re a very unstable person. But otherwise I just don’t think that would happen. Like working class hero said, there’s just a special feeling to dreams.

I highly doubt that this would ever happen. You hear lots of people doing RCs and still thinking that they’re in a dream, but I’ve only once heard of a guy doing a RC in waking life and thinking he was still in a dream. That guy was committed to a mental institution btw. So, in that sense, I suppose that Lucid Dreaming and Reality Checks could in fact be indirectly dangerous to your health if indeed you had a mental condition which caused you to hallucinate.

Yeah…I think the only way this could happen would be if you already had some mental issues. It takes a lot of faulty logic/perception to think you’re dreaming even if reality checks prove that you aren’t.

Something similar I’ve heard from a friend though: He’s a natural LD’er and was lucid dreaming for most of high school. Apparently he got really disillusioned with the waking world, though, because he had to put up with all the crap he could just tune out in dreams. But full blown hallucination…that requires something more broken than a normal mind.

Whenever I’m awake, I know I’m not dreaming, whenever I’m dreaming, I usually don’t know that I’m dreaming. So assuming most people are like me, the only time you’d doubt reality is if you were dreaming, or like pretty much everyone else said, crazy/nuts/gonzo. And I’m pretty sure launching yourself into traffic would have nothing to do with LD’s and everything to do with being wacked out.