Losing motivation

I studied and attempted lucid dreaming for about a month and a half, but now school has started again in full force with many other obligations and I rarely have time to write in my dream journal. In the time that I was actively trying, I recorded at least 4 dreams per night, and had about 5 “fake” lucid dreams, and got close to WILD/OBE once. But now, it seems that I haven’t had any signs of progress for a long time. I often find myself far too tired to try conscious WILD techniques when going to bed at night. Any suggestions?

I can sympathize. First of all, my suggestion would be to write about a one sentence summary of your dreams right when you wake up just on a little notepad. Constantly remind yourself what happened during the dreams during the day, and then when you get home you can elaborate and fill in the details in your journal. Even if you don’t get to this step, at least you have written something down and have a permanent memory of what happened, which is better than nothing.

As for WILDs, personally I find them near impossible to do when going to sleep for the first time, and, with school going on, my main instinct is to just go right back to sleep after waking up. I suppose if you go to bed very early its do-able, and its something I strive for (although I rarely get enough sleep these days).

Hope you have better luck, and I too have gone on LD-dry spells where I just forget about the subject entirely. Don’t worry about it, you’ll always come back during the summer or at a different time. :smile:

Yea, I was really hyped up about it for the first two weeks and it seems I can only remember my dreams on the weekends so I don’t get very motivated during the school week and its hard to do reality checks during school where your busy and theres all this stuff going on. How can I find time to do this and keep up in school?

How do you do WILDS without waking in the night?

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The solution would be to go to bed earlier. Much earlier in fact. Like 2 hours earlier. Just make sure you get around 8 hours of sleep. In the morning have multiple alarms go off, starting after 6 hours of sleep. This can help you greatly with WILDs.

Going to school means waking up when you don’t want to. :neutral:
You can use this to your advantage though… Read a former topic of mine:

Try planning out your daily/evening activites, so that you go to bed earlier. This shouldn’t be a big problem, since you have to wake up early and have been awake for the entire day…

i know exactly what you’re feeling. i used to always get that and then a week later i had my first ld. dont give up hope, you’re so damn close. also, try different techniques. i just thought of a new one and it worked very well for me the first night. its in the quest for lucidity forum.

WHat is your new technique and what are some that I could try out?