loss of concentration during MILD, any excersises for that?

During MILD I often wonder of (chattery mind). When I realized I am not concentrating on “when I dream i know I’m dreaming” anymore I go back to focussing.
To get more focussed I meditate in daytime. Then I have no problem staying focussed on “when I dream i know I’m dreaming” for 20min, but when half asleep I just wonder off.

does anyone have any suggestions/technics to share to counter this problem?

help will be greatly apriciated

It’s primarily a willpower/focus problem. A lack of focus is like having an extremely boring teacher for a two hour lecture and having to pay attention. One thing I can think of that might help is to focus on your awareness every once in a while to ensure your thought are in the right place.

do you mean when attempting MILD or during the day?
can you explain how to “to focus on your awareness every once in a while to ensure your thought are in the right place”?

many thanks for your reply

What I mean by focus on awareness is that you have to think about your thoughts, what are you thinking of, were you drifitng off? Why? Ask these kinds of questions and then re-focus on the mantra.

We don’t usually think about our awareness during the day so it might seem a little wierd to become “aware” of your awareness.

I do a lot of RC’s every day, which is pretty much about being focus on awareness, i guess. So I don’t find that weird in any way.

Why is it important to see where the mind wonders to when one is trying to focus?

I will try MILD for a couple more nights and see what sort of things i’m wondering of to. Will keep you posted.


It isn’t really all that critical to discover where your mind is wandering too, however focusing on your awareness will re-focus you.

YEAH! finally did a MILD!

I took note the other night of what kind of things my wondering mind drifted of to and found they were all non-mundane things which gave me a kind of maybe-this-is-past-life-feeling. When I become unfocussed in meditation I tend to think of all sorts of things, mostly quite mundane (about programming websites, which is what I do). So I thought these thoughts might be more to do with the onset of sleep.

Last night I tried to stay more awake (then usual) to do at least 5 cycles of MILD with more contiousness then I did so far. To help me from drifting of I used the technic of finger-movement (which I read about somewhere on this forum). Simply moving 2 fingers to stay awake. When I completed the cycles to my satisfaction, i just let go.

I’m not sure if this was MILD or WILD because I had a couple of dreams before I became lucid. Those dreams felt like I was both participating (like my normal ND’s) as well as watching the whole thing as if it was all a big play.

As if the little transmorphic licorice-man-gatekeeper wasn’t enough, the fat granny in the woods trying to hide her free-energy-machine from me in her fold-up-trailer made me finally realize I was dreaming. Just in the middle of the dream I started laughing and I think I said something like “you are all actors!”. Granny and her husband just stood there gazing, looked at each other as if they didn’t really know what to do now. Then I turned round and moved some treebranches aside and found white curtains, move them and saw light behind it, like it was all part of the set. Then I went flying in a beautifull garden (as intended).

ok, I was succesfull with the above technic, but so far only that one time. I’ve tried the exact same thing 1-2 times a night for 11 days and no joy. I just keep wondering off and fall asleep, not even finishing 5 rounds of MILD. :neutral: