Loss of Control/ Distortion in an LD

After a few nights of trying to LD, I gave up as I was knackered. Then I had one. I was in a corridor and I suddenly thought, this is a dream! I’ve LD’ed before and I knew what I wanted to do. I turned and jumped through a window that I though up and flew/ teleported into a room where my last LD finished. Then it got out of my control. I summoned my guide (who is normally very hot) and she was twisted and her face was melting. I tried to focus and bring her under my control but she just stood there refusing to talk or move. Then the room started to change colour and the painting on the wall flashed her real face for a second before melting into that of the twisted version in the room with me. I tried spinning in a circle and clapping my hands but she just stood looking at me. It wasn’t particularly scary just it kinda spoiled my fun.

Will I be able to properly form people in my mind LD’s or do I have to just go with the flow? In previous LD’s I have flown around and met real people I know, crystal clearly so I know I can do it. How can I increase my focus and if possible my time in dream world?

Thanks in advance ~Ragen~

When things get out of control you have to have confidence in yourself. Say in a commanding tone “This is my dream I am in control!” Somewhere on these forums lucid commands are posted too, such as saying things like “Lucidity x 1000!” “More lucidity!” and taking a lucid pill that you find in your pocket. If you are still not in control, spin yourself into a new dream where you are in control! Hope this helps

I tried yelling: “I wanna stay lucid!” But it worked only for 2 seconds, so i kept shouting faster and faster. I really wanted dream to last, but the end, i was defeated :eh: