Lost memories found in dreams

I have always had dreams that included a very interesting market, filled with Artisans, crafts, leather working, model trains, magic and amazing woodwork, adorned with stained glass windows and banners. I recall it as Alapadreeda, a very special mall with no other like it in the world.

Needless to say, I was very surprised when a coworker mentioned it. And then, after talking with them, I remembered it. It wasn’t a dream location. It was real.



This is Olla Podrida, a crafts mall that was in Dallas until it was shut down 1996. The last time I saw it I was 5 years old. The memory faded, but only out of my conscious mind. Unconsciously, I have been remembering it for years. Now that I can recall it, I remember so many things of it. I was absolutely mystified by the magic shop within, enthralled by the artwork within, and the best way to describe it now, as I have read in an article also fondly remembering it, is Diagon Alley. I can’t believe I ever forgot it… it was such a special place to me as a child.

Have you ever had something similar happen? Has a location, known to you only in dreams, turned out to be a lost memory?

I don’t think I’ve had this happen to me. Not that I know of, at least. I have a very weird feeling now… as if this has happened to me and I just can’t remember it :bored:

Anyway, posting mainly to say "OMG that’s so awesome! :eek: "

This has happened to me, but, at the moment I can’t remember a specific occurance, because my mind is cruel like that :tongue: Very neat!

Hm I also don’t remember a specific case, but I remember having dreams about people all of a sudden, even though I haven’t really thought about these persons for ages and literally forgot about them.

I don’t know but you did gave me a great idea… Sometimes I have a feeling that I dreamt about something familiar yet unknown… Will see! :content: