Lost Track

I’ve been incredibly lazy, and had essentially given up on LD’ing for the past month. I am now trying to get back into the groove, and write my dreams down etc. But has anyone else had this problem? In the morning I just think ‘meh, I’ll do it later’ but its never done. Maybe I just need a good yelling at.

That is exactally what I do
I say to myself “I’ll remember it when I wake up later” and when I wake up I have forgotten all of it except that I told my self I would remember it!

If you want to LD you must remember your dreams. Now stop being lazy and write them down. :grrr:

Consider yourself yelled at. :smile:

But seriously, try not to look at writing down your dreams as a chore. Try and be excited about the fact that you are remembering your dreams and that will bring you closer to having LD ‘s. If you are really having trouble with writing down your dreams in the morning then get a small tape recorder. Record your dreams on tape then you can write them down later.

LD can be easy but it does take effort and practice.

Happy Dreaming

Having lots of dreams per night is really worth writing them down. And, now for me my reality checks are a habit… I dont even think about them.

I have done that sometime but I try to write them down as soon as I get up otherwise I forget parts of my dreams. The only thing I don’t do properly is write something down at night, I’m usually too tired. Try to really force yourself to write down your dreams for a week. Hopefully it will become a habit. So, write them down NOW :scream:

Yes and you will be amazed at how fast your dream recall will improve in just a weak If you make a habit of witting your dreams down in the morning. Also give yourself a suggestion that you will remember your dreams in the morning just before you go to sleep. It works.

practice makes perfect. Same goes for remembering your dreams… so you have to practice recalling your dreams. Same goes for WILDS, you have to practice them.

nono, its just that in the morning, I can barely get up/keep eyes open, let alone write anything down. I hate getting up.

Then I would suggest that you just lay in bed relaxed and just think about what you were dreaming keep going over it and try to remember every detail you can untill you are fully awake and able to write it down.