lotus position

did you ever try to sit in lotus position in your dream?
i did some , but i found it too hard to preventing the visual fading.

I think when you do that you want fading, as it symbolizes meditation, and the goal of meditation is no mind, isn’t it?

But yes, I do… the first time I did it I didn’t want to fade out but kind of did… I think it helps to access the void in between dreams and your subconscious though, if I don’t want to wake up and the dream doesn’t seem quite stable I do it while flying.

interestingly enough it can also produce really weird sort of being inside HI experiences very trippy.

Yes I tried and succeeded in doing it a few times. I didn’t have much problems of keeping the dream stable or anything…
Unfortunately though my muscles aren’t as flexible in waking life as in the dream world :wink:

whats the lotus position???

i think it’s just crossing your legs…

or it might be where you have to actually lift them up on top of each other so that the feet are sticking outward?

I think this is the true lotus position. Here’s a pic: kevala.co.uk/gfx6/sfx/yoga/asana10.jpg

Full lotus is sitting with legs crossed and each foot on a thigh. In half lotus you only have to place one feet on a thigh, but it can still be hard for beginners. In Burmese position, you don’t place any feet on a tigh.

In each position, it’s crucial to hold lower spine, upper spine and head straight vertically. This is much easier in full lotus, and that’s why this position is recommended. I only realized this the first time I managed to get into this position a month ago. I was amazed by its stability. Unfortunately, the day after my thighs protested against getting into full lotus again and I’m still stretching them to get in shape. We Westerners usually have a lot of issues with lotus but it’s very worthwile to do the effort, it may take a lot of time to ease into full lotus but it’s worth the patience.

Oh, and I tried lotus once in an LD, I didn’t even find my legs :tongue:

thats exactly happen to me, any time i sit in that position visual fades or i go fly , on time i role and my head goes down when i was fly.

muscles do stretch out over time
my knee blocks me from going further
linked to a past ski accident

I notice slow evolving to half lotus, maybe naturally we reach full lotus and nothing is then a problem
In dreams flexibility is amazing, almost became lucid but thought it’s just an ability of mine…ya right :tongue:

my legs are fairly flexible, I used to be able to put them behind my head, I think I am now flexible enough to do that again, but it’s still a bit painful so I haven’t really tried.

I can do the full lotus then but it isn’t so comfortable (i’m doing it right now lol)

it wouldn’t be good to meditate in it for me for more than 15 minutes at a time right now, based upon how much it just pulled and stretched my legs.