loud swoosh?

Last night was so weird.
after a long dream that i had, i was in this sort of transition between asleep and awake. suddenly this thought occured to me “hey, i was probably dreaming.” not that i was exited or anything. it was just sort of “oh well, i’m going to wake up in a few seconds anyway.” but as i thought these words, everything turned black in front of my eyes so sudden, and there was this really loud swoosh in my ears, and it scared me alot so i tried to wake myself up by opening my eyes. it didn’t really work so i thought “wow, if this doesn’t work i’m probably more asleep than i thought. i might even have my first lucid dream!” :wow: and as the words “lucid dream” crossed my mind, the swoosh increased till the noise became really loud. i thought it might be WILD or something, and that i could step to the dreamworld by interacting with objects, only there were no objects since everything was black. so i thought of specific things, and these pictures were now in the middle of the black screen infront of my eyes. for instance, i thought about an oreo cookie ( don’t ask me…) and then it appeared infront of my eyes, but it didn’t fill out the screen copletely, it was like a thing moving in dark, black outer space or something. i grabbed it and all that, but it just stayed dark. when i interacted with it, the swoosh - noise that kind of faded away while i was thinking turned really loud again. i thought maybe the swoosh turning louder and louder might be a sign that i was really close to stepping inside a dream? because it always turned louder when i was interacting with something, or thinking about being lucid. i tried some other things but it didn’t work. then i tried picturing a big mirror which i should step over to enter my dream. but i couldn’t think of any enviroment or place or anything. i also wasn’t really “there” i was just watching, and as my mind created certain images they appeared on that small screen, so i couldn’t step over i could just watch through it. as nothing happened ( :confused:hrug: ) , i decided i’d give up and woke up.
what was that? was that really some sort of beggining of WILD?
could someone please tell me what i did wrong/what i could’ve done better? :help:
thank you! and please don’t mind my english :tongue:

PS: it also would be really nice if someone could give me tips on how to overcome the fear if you realize you’re dreaming. i’m always scared that somethings going on in my room and i don’t notice it so part of me always wants to wake up ._. i know it’s stupid since dreaming and lucid dreaming is the same thing, you can’t control anything in the “awake” world :dream: if that makes sense.

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You were very close! :happy: What might help is relaxing and giving in to the images. Try to forget about the waking world, which might be hard with that fear you mentioned. I get that sometimes too. I think after a while you just get used to it. Just know that there is nothing there. If there truely is, you’ll very likely naturally wake up :wink: Simply a paranoid feeling that something is there is just an illusion. So next time try to relax and remember everything is ok. Focus gently on whatever images you see and after a while you can start slowly interacting to see how stable it is. With luck you might not even notice the dream transition. Good luck!

And you’re english seems perfect to me :content:

EDIT: oh yeah, and many people hear a swoosh or crackling when WILD’ing, so that’s pretty normal