Low level and no control.

I think I’m starting to be good at LD’ing, I now use a WBTB+MILD method and have >50% rate of success every day. However, the LD’s I induce are very low-level. I know that I’m dreaming, but I have practically no control. I tried summoning objects, but with no success. I can’t teleport or change my surroundings. I can’t even fly! And I’m not very lucid. Sometimes I treat DC’s like real characters, and tonight I thougt - “OK, I’m dreaming, but I’m IRL - sleepwalking, and everything is real.”
I tried some in-dream techniques. The stabilisation ones work good, but I can’t increase my lucidity and level of control…
Does anyone know what should I do?

maybe you should take a break for a couple days or so, rest, and then come back to it. good luck :yinyang:

  1. Perhaps you aren’t critical enough. Try to be as critical as possible when you do RCs for instance during the day. A critical mind is very beneficial if you want high-level LDs :smile:
  2. If you’re unable to do some actions in a dream, then it has most likely to do with mental blockage. Keep an open and flexible mind when you’re lucid. Convince yourself for 100% that you CAN do whatever you want to do. If you think you can or if you think you can’t either way, you are right :wink:
  3. Or as oneiromancer already suggested, take a break. Preferably for a week or longer. This might help you very much.

Good luck! :happy:


What techniques have you already used? I don’t want to tell you to do something you already tried and it did not work.

The top techniques I use are:

  1. flying-
  2. spinning
  3. rubbing your hands together
  4. put your hand through a wall
  5. verbal commands like lucidity x1000
  6. grab onto something in the dream

As for dream control the important thing here to remember is that you have to expect things to happen the way you want them to happen. For example if you want person X to appear when you turn around you have to expect them to be there when you turn around. The same thing is true with increasing lucidity and realness of the dream. For example don’t say lucidity x 1,000. Say LUCIDITY X 1,000 and expect the dream to respond accordingly.

It is also a good idea to have your LD planed out a head of time. Decide before you go to bed what you want to dream about. I say this because one of the best ways to stay lucid and maintain the realness of the dream is to stay engaged with the dream. If you have a lot of dream down time trying to figure out what to do in a LD you may wake up or loose lucidity.

i have these all the time so frustrating
ill have it in my head that im dreaming and i know to try reality checks yet nothing seems to happen i just cant get control of the dream most of the time

It just takes practice. Just remember that i9t is your dream and you are in control. As soon as you become lucid try to stabilize the dream and then go from there.

(sorry for the typeos in’s 1:00 am here and I am headed of to bed.)

Happy dreaming