LoZ: The Wind Waker

So here’s the thing: I’m taking a Fantasy and Fiction class this semester and as a part of it we get to do an immersion project, in this we have to get involved in a fantasy world that isn’t familiar to us. So I’m kind of “unfamiliar” with the world of Hyrule >_>, so when a friend invited me to do the immersion project with her in the world of Wind Waker I jumped on it.

As far as I know, the world in Wind Waker also appears in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, but I’m not sure if it appears anywhere else so yeah. What I basically have to do is write a little diary entry every week on what I learned about the world (its rules, its values, its lingo, ways I have to adapt to participate, responses to my participation, etc.). So you guys can help me with the interaction part, and just throw at me anything you wanna say about Wind Waker, the world of Wind Waker, or anything at all really.

I’m just going to add, I’m only up to Forest Haven right now and might not have time to finish the game, so I don’t mind if people throw in spoilers but you might want to put it in spoiler tags for other peoples sakes.
So yeah, I’d really appreciate if we could get this whole topic going about the Wind Waker.

Thanks everyone! <3

The world of Wind Waker revisits that of Ocarina of Time and maybe more. But as far as the mythos goes, OoT is the only fundamental one besides WW. You should play them in this order. Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks pick up from where WW stops, but they don’t contribute much to the Hyrulean mythos. Anyhow, it’s a very rich world, you’ll probably have a very good ride in your immersion.

Hmm. Yeah, see, I know that much. I’m more trying to get peoples views on the rules of the world, its values, its lingo, etc. :razz: