Lucid actually Real!!!

This night was all real but seem like a dream towards the end it seemed like a epic dream. Typing this now seems a little uncomfortable to me , becuase it was part of my private life. I was on my way back from Philly and i was excited about the concert plan that night. The day lead towards the night . Me and my friends had some Magic Mushrooms and sat back and watch the show. Waves of people seem like mid size ocean, the band glowed and intensified the room. I was powered by music and felt like a religous experience. I felt every feeling, every emotion, every thought, and just felt like i was going to explode. I walk out and all i saw was clouds and confused people like myself. My friend was with me at the time because he actually felt what i felt and needed a break. The whole Arena was full of smoke and pairs of confused people like me and my friend. We could not get one thought togther. Finally after 30 -45 of confusion, my friend puke and we found the rest of my other friends that we came to the concert with. I can’t describe what i saw at the concert , but it was incredible and shocked me and made me respect that Band with pride. After the concert we left and i scared my friends on the way home(I dont recall what I did to scare them), I was drop of at home and i think i went to sleep and the night ended.(All of that I thought was a dream) ----Later about 3 hours i was in my bed with those same thoughts racing, and i was having mutilple dreams at my house hearing past conversations and incidents. I soon feel out of bed Naked and One thought that i had to go to the _____ Concert!!! My room was in torns and i told my brother every recent thought that i had.(He ws at the same concert that night and talk to me early he said) All this crazy behavior i don’t remeber as much as i would with reality. Its funny becuase i was crazy as i would act like in a dream. Now i have dreams that take place at the same Arena all the time. The scary thing was i thought i was dreaming ,b ut i was awake. I wish i could tell you who played and what i saw, but it would not only embarsses me and the Band that i saw. Hopefully i am on the same level as everyone and i didnt offend anybody. Seeya!! :alien: :smile:) :panic:

Sounds damn coll:)Makes one hungry for a mushroom meal…one day ill got to get myself to try:)Very interesting post:)

Actually, My biggest fear is that I’ll think that I’m in a lucid dream and do something fucked like jump off a building. All it would take is a watch to stuff up and a light switch not to work… :panic:

Maybe if you thought you were in a dream, and if you totally believe you could fly… maybe you could in real life! What is “real” after all?? :wink:

You had an experience that is the complete opposite of a lucid dream. If I understand you correctly. It sounds like you mistaken reality for a dream and truly thought it was a dream. Freaky. :alien:

I’m a daysleeper and I’ve had different but similar experiences. Sometimes I give a friend a ride to their job. I will sleep while they are working. I try to sleep a little before taking them, wake up and take them, and then go back to sleep for a 2nd round. Kinda like the WBTB method. Sometimes my 2nd round of sleep can be confusing. I’ll partially wake up for drink or to check the clock and for a moment I’ll think “I have to take my friend to work soon.” :confused: Even though I have already taken them. Or sometimes worse is that I think I have more time to sleep when it is actually time to pick them up. :wink:

I have a really really wacky sleep schedule. It is easy for me to forget what day it is. It is like I’m living in another time zone.

I have just read DreamAddict’s Post and I was impress to know someone has been through dreams and felt it was mixed or was reality. The scary thing was i had mind altering substance, and for you it just another day or another dream. I have realize it could be scary, because i had a second case of the first situation. It was recent too and it was mindblowing, airtaking, and a thick flashback of what happen when i went to the concert. Everything i see and think of, relates to easy to me and brings mystery to my self. So this for instance ruin my perception. The night started as a long day at work (like before i was just coming from Philly so their both lond days) me and my friends plan to see Star Wars II(by the way great f—ing movie) and after that is when i started to think about the concert and what thoughts i had. The ideas and thought relate to each other and it brought my whole memory back like a fast flash back.Gtg (Something suddenly came up) tell more next time and very soon Sorry !!! I really am

That night after I felt those feeling and thoughts, and i explained if that i started to think i was dreaming during reailty.(but i really wasn’t) Like tuggy said fly if you realize it was a dream. I thought of it, but i guess at the time its one detail that would spice up the dream that i could’nt handle at the time. (if i recall) So one of my drunk friends came over and told us a story that corrupt jealousy and anger between my friends. Ecspecially during the thought process we were going through wasn’t helping my drunk friend’s great news.(Too personal) Well later that drunk friend took me home, later like 5 min. i started to think y is this kid driving me home. Lots of confusion came , then I am in my house trying to set my alarm clock for work the next day. The scary part was that i could’nt set the dials on he clock(no p.m.)and numerous numbers. I thoguht i was in a dream. So later i lie ing my bed thinking that i am already sleeping, but one thought kept going throught my head. It was my drunk friend, i felt like he was in trouble called to make sure he made home fine. Than i went back to sleep world, it felt like could’nt get rest but i was sleeping the whole time.(very strange) Than i just realize i was really messed up :eek: :bored: :cool_laugh:

Sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night very thirsty.The problem is that i am to tired to get up and fetch me something to drink,but on the other hand i am to thirsty to sleep again…

What happens then sometimes is that “imagine” i would go down the stairs,take a bottle of water and so on.
It isn´t really a dream,but not only a thought either.It is something like daydreaming…
I am not asleep,but while imagining that i walk down the stairs i think that i do this “for real”.When i finally notice that i have done this and still nothing to drink i am always dissapointed,but sometimes still too lazy to get up.Then the whole thing starts again :grrr:

Sometimes i have “false memories”.I think that i have done something already,but in fact i only did it in the dreamworld.But this happens not very often,and only with things that i don´t care about much.


Hey that already happened to me too, several times! But not recently… :neutral:
Most times were because i was thirsty or because I wanted to go to the bathroom. I could almost swear I really did it! but then i “wake up” in bed and realise I didn’t.
Like you say, I don’t think it is exactly a dream, but not a though either.
Really weird… it makes me remember of false awakenings…

As soon as you’re in your dream and become lucid do a reality check by counting your fingers as a precaution. Look away and tell yourself to change the number of fingers you have to seven or eight or try merging two fingers together. If this works then you are positive you are dreaming.

Always do this guys so that a broken watch/light switch won’t cause you to act like a freak in real life.

LOLOL haven’t thought of that yet :grin:

If i had time to think that i would of, but at the time i didn’t know any types of strategies to tell if your dreaming or not. So for future refrences maybe the watch trick is a good idea. I am going to see the same band this Sunday for future responses of what i am going through. Hopefully this concert wont seem like a dream and bring all this intensisty towards me b/c its a little too much at times. But i am really looking foward to it, because last concert was crazy!!!

I actually had the complete opposite of your experience, Hubbs.

I woke up the other night in my room and did a RC, which I actually shouldn’t have needed since my room was completely different, my old carpet and new paint and so on.
The RC didn’t work for me, although I remember this dream as if I were quite lucid and I probably was.
Well, I suddenly fell to the floor and started moving to the sides, with no control over it. It was like something was throwing me sideways and everything got darker in the room.
I was thinking to myself, this has to be a dream, but nothing worked. I was completely conscious, doing all sorts of methods and RC’s but nothing seemed to work.
I tried to wake up but nothing happened. Then this force started to slam me to the walls, and the pain was awful.
So I imagined myself to appear in another dreamscape but couldn’t get out. The banging to the walls became more agressive and more painful and I thought that this must be real, since I can’t do anything about it. Then when just as I was passing out, because of the speed and pain, I saw myself, very dark, inside the wall, staring at myself. At that moment I woke up.

What I was most afraid about for some time in this dream, was when I knew this was a dream, but had no control and it was very violent. I thought I might be stuck in it forever.

Sounds like your own personal Hell. I guess you can say you experinced it, hopefully it would never return again, sounds very painful and unwanted!

I just went back to one of my oldest post(obviously) and i just wanted to add that, whenever i eat magic mushrooms, i always think of this night.

What I would do after the watch stops working, is will myself to float in the air and perhaps fly. That wouldn’t happen in reality but if I’m lucid it will (I expect this in a lucid dream and it has always worked for me). It’s only recently that I’ve begun RC’s…

Hubbs, it sounds like you’ve been sniffing a little too much weed or something. Your story has left me confused. You eat a mushroom, go to a concert thinking it’s a dream, fall out of bed naked… Either you’ve been smoking and drinking a ton or you’ve been abducted by aliens.

The only way I can relate to your story is sometimes I wake up from a dream with a dream mind. I feel like there is something I have to do because I think the dream I just had is real. For instance, I once woke up and felt like I had to sleep in a certain position. Another time, I imagined a DVD player that I had just bought float in and out of my room with a glowing light around it. And my brother’s friend said he recently woke up in the middle of the night while sleeping over here and thought he was moving everyone that was asleep around, like the game “Command and Conquer”. They’re like hallucinations. I wake up sometimes completely confused and just head for the bathroom and don’t realize what’s going on until after I’m done and am washing my hands.

I don’t know what is up with your experience, though.

I did eat more then a usual dosage, or more then the brain could handle, until i erupted my threshold. But the point is I was so lost inside a trip i had no more belief in reality :eek: Not only that, the concert had some very weird images that people wouldnt believe in even if they werent on mushrooms. The only reason why i can say that now, because since that day, someone actually filmed the same concert i was at, and watched it again and saw the same images that made me react as I did. But at the time when i saw these images/people i literally thought i must of been dreaming or something. The thing that made me most comfortable, was that my friends had reacted the same way, so it didnt make me feel isolated or insane. Then after that, its just fun :wink:

I have no idea why i came out of my bed naked, i can compare to Birth, lol just kidding.

I guess this is the closet thing IRL that i actually thought i was dreaming, but the fact was, i wasn’t.(scary I know, but you havent seen nothing yet)

You may have experienced ego death… I shroomed just 2 days ago with my bassist/friend. For me, ego death happens everytime I shroom. The more I take, the more my ego vanishes… People can take it in many ways… the very first time I shroomed, I was confused because, who I thought I was… was really all just made up. Some people get very scared because they don’t know who they are… Some people get happy cause they are living so for the moment… One time my friends and I shroomed, and we were having a blast, we were jammin, having philosophical talks, listening to music and all of a sudden my one friend started to question what was going on… He tried to put logical thinking behind the way he was acting but couldn’t… so he got scared and VERY confused… He experienced ego death… and he didn’t know who he was anymore… The key thing to remember about ego death… is although it sounds scary… It’s a very spiritual experience. One gets the chance to discard all the things he/she is expected to be, or told to be, or thought to be… and is replaced with the purest form of human. Just the awareness… People might say I’m crazy to use mushrooms to do things like snowboard, surf, paint, make music, hike, dance… but they just need to let their ego vanish, and use the power of the mushrooms and do amazing things… While shrooming, I have incredible perception and awareness. I’ve been able to do things that I would never have been able to do with my ego holding me back. Shroom dreaming is amazing also… Just don’t be afraid… embrace!


Nicely said DeyBwah, i understand what you mean. Its not like that all the time, but i can think back about it :eek: . Have you ever experience something like this???