Lucid, an experience of its own

I was thinking, only a very small minority will get to expereince tue freedom. To say, to do, to choose what happens. If we can’t choose what happens, then we aren’t free, because we have to accxept that, but if we can control what happens would that make us free?

I posted this because I think that it is a shame that only a very small minority of the world will actually experience and remember true freedom.

that depends on your definition of freedom.

Mike is right! :happy:


I dont think only lucid dreaming can give us that sense of freedom.Like it was said above for everyone its different.
But sure thing…lds can teach us new way of looking at it…and from spirituall point of view-we gain new horizonzs everynight to expand our sense of freedom.
I believe it teaches us that life can be lived like we want it to not like it wants us to.Thats a huge difference and one who understands it can “bent” life to his purposes much better.

I see what you mean, but even by that definition, you’re still “confined” by your own mind, so you’re not really free at all, you’re just held to the same rules that most people are.

yes because we live i dual and relative world.And we must accept we have boundaries for our freedom(which for some wont be any freedom i know).I mean things like phisics and stuff.We might one day learn to go over them but till we dont know how to we will experience our freedom within it.
Im not sure if i understand if thats what u meant tho:)

Do you mean, angle of incedence = angle of reflection physics, because in a dream you can change this.

Or are you talking about the perception of the world. I.E, I see the colour blue, but would a different life form sense it in another way, thus changing the physics that appear to that being.

I mean- if you jump off the tenth floor you will fall down no matter what you believe in or what your sense of freedom is:)Phisical boundaries.Our freeedom lies within them,at least for now.

So, in a dream you can change this. But, because we can only do in a dream doesn’t make us free, just a taster of freedom?

I dont think im not free because i cant do things im able to in dreams.I accept rules of our dimension and for me freedom is more inside feeling(hehe like having no nagging wife and mad kids around the house).
Free will in my decisions is my freedom.And i dont feel unhappy or frustrated if i cant fly out my 7th floor flat to work and i gotta walk instead.
Of course i wouldnt mind that ability but its only in terms “i would mind if…”.

In the dream u have the freedom to experience your suggestions and associations for real or at least to experience them quite well.

In rl that is somewhat harder to accomplish :smile: