Lucid at last, but dream seemed artificial

After a couple of months of trying, I finally had a dream where I realized it was a dream. I saw a painted landscape that was like the top of a wooden desk. I was looking onto and across the painted wooden plane when I realized it was just too wierd and that it was a dream. I then tried to fly to the other side of the expanse. I got a sense of moving to the other side and of having a sense of seeing from that perspective, but I could not see or feel myself actually flying, nor did I have any vividness during my new position/perspective. It seemed as though I lost almost all of the sense of being in a dream, and like I was just going through the motions mentally – like moving a chess piece on a chess board.
Probably woke up too much once I had the lucidity, but I did continue to see the colored wood surface, seemed to stay in the dream. Just lost the vividness or realness of it. Like watching my own thoughts instead of having a new experience.
Would apprecriate any advice or information. Want lucidity plus dream experiences in future. Want to stay in the dream more.
Darrell (astralbabystepper)

Well your dream was just the first and it could have been mind blowing or rather dull.

Sadly your was dull but I hope you enjoy it at some point.

So as you noticed one skill is to achieve lucid dreams and another is to interact or being able to do things in dream. There are many guides here on how to control dreams how to stay longer in them how to maintain lucidity how to raise your lucidity. But at the end it all comes to practice and practice, also give it a time…

Good luck! :content:

I don’t think that’s a dull dream at all!

Drop your expectations.

I understand wanting to have a hyperrealistic, sensuous lucid dreams. I’ve had those are they are great. But I’ve also had many lucid dreams where I notice the artificiality of the dreamspace.

In a non-lucid dream last week I noticed artificiality even–I noticed that the physics of the water I was playing in wasn’t quite right.

These experiences are worth having! They can tell a lot about the dreaming mind. In more than one lucid dream, I’ve come to “the end” of dreamspace, a barrier demarcating the bounds of a dream scenario which, seemingly, requires a little creativity to go beyond. Often, at these edges of dreams, I notice artificiality. Once, as I got close the boundaries, everything looked pixelated. Once, I felt a magnetic-like repulsion at the boundary. Another time a sky turned out to be a painted backdrop and I discovered a doorway in it which led into a mind-blowingly bright realistic garden.

Also, leaving dream scenes is fine! I love leaving dreams and entering the so-called Void. If you keep moving through the gray void, and maintain focus, you’ll end up in another dream scene. Sometimes, though, you might wind up in the same dream scene you left.

A good frame of mind, I think, for lucid dreaming is just to be interested in whatever is happening. Sometimes the most exciting lucid dreams come out of following up on the silliest and unlikeliest details. If a door appears that you didn’t see before, go through it. Run into the dark. If the dream looks fake, (literally) ask your Subconscious why.

I wasn’t talking about the experience, I agree with you every type of the experience is worth. I was talking about the dream, how dream might felt, some dreams can be dull, well not having much senses in them, not experiencing it how you can and such things…

I wasn’t put off by you saying it was sensorially dull. I was just trying to be encouraging to the OPer. Also, I really do think artificiality in lucid dreams is extremely interesting.

Well I hope I didn’t sound discouraged toward astralbabystepper :shy: , by all means I hope this don’t discourage him I just wanted to point out that this is normal and it will happened from time to time…

black = dream description
red = interpretive statements
green = descriptions of real life events/experiences

[color=red]Thanks, Yes, I guess “cerebral,” “flat-like” dreams are part of the dream tour also. Mixed in with the more vivid or 3-dimensional poems. Perhaps the dream on one level was helping me process “flat” feelings creeping up on me. To deal with this dysphoric undertone, I might not have the ecstatic or euphoric flight experience, but I can move my energy self nonetheless. I can still manage to get from point x to point y, even if I’m temporarily lacking all the bells and whistles[/color].

That first lucid dream was about 3 days ago. Last night in a dream I couldn’t find my 63 Star Chief Pontiac (a recurring image of a car I once owned) that I had parked in my High School Parking lot. I had just exited through the school’s doors. Levitation-walking out the doors, that is. [color=red]Nine times out of ten, when I dream about a school it indicates the dream session which I often call “night school,” because of the spiritual instruction that goes on in many of my dreams.[/color] [color=red]So I was having trouble getting my energy self back into my matter self so that I could wake up. The parking lot was sort of like dream limbo, between sleep and wake. I knew however that I would find a way “home” (to my other life in wake world), even if I had to hitch hike my way there.[/color] Still, I wondered what happened to my car? I knew I had parked it there! That, I suppose could have been a missed opportunity to become lucid (would have been my second time). [color=red]Another possibility is that my normal motivation (vehicle for moving energy and consciousness about) might not be easy to find right now or for a period of time. Again, no problem. I can walk, trudge through, hang in there, keep on keepin’ on, etc. Actually, that last interpretation feels right, because I was also peripherally aware that I wanted to avoid getting out of bed, not because of tiredness per se, but because of a bit of a bummer mood brewing within or beneath the surface. Was, in real life planning to attend a funeral the next day. Might have triggered unprocessed other “bummer” experiences in my life lately (there’s always something to grieve over and deal with!). Long story short, the “flat” dream without the bells and whistles seems to fit the theme of the dream I had last night. My dream mind is helping me adapt to the mildly blue undertone emotion. [/color][color=green]After the funeral today I did feel “deflated.” The lady who died was a church member who had coached my wife and I to do dramatic “lay reading” of Biblical verses and other spiritual writings. Anabel was also a poet. A couple of her poems were read at her funeral. I also write poems, but not for a long while. On the way home a poem came to me. Oddly, it embraced the deflated feeling I had, and that might have been brought to my attention in those couple of dreams recently. Here is the poem: [/color]

[color=green](This Is) Not a Poem

I have no words
except those darting about
like deflated balloons
let loose.

What a strange mood—

full of life, colorful,
but hurling toward flatness on the floor
where pointless patterns of lifeless latex
look like art.

© 2012 Darrell Moneyhon

Thanks, Yes, keep an open mind for all types of dreams. That seems to be good advice. On down below, I pondered the possibility that even the “flatness” or dullness or lack of 3-D-ness might have been a poignant message in the dream. I’m sure I’ll have some neat flying experiences, etc., to come in future lucid deams, now that I broke the ice. Now my mind can relax and just wait for the next lucid dream, instead of trying too hard (that’s probably what caused me to take 2 months to have my first lucid dream – although I had signs of “dreaming lucid” before that).