Lucid Bash

Heres a real wicked idea for a lucid/clear light dream:
How about we set a night, and attempt to have a party?
You guys bring music, anything you can think of.
What do you think? Worth a shot?

Deffinitely worth a shot but I don’t think I can make it. I don’t have my LDing down yet. Its a real crap shoot. I can try to make it though…

Where will we have it? It has to be a place everyone can imagine.

Reflecting pool in DC? Eifel Tower? Staute of Liberty? Great Pyramid of Gizah?

I can describe my bedroom to you all:):):slight_smile:

Like what is this guy suggesting?

You obviously dont no Jack (pun intended)

PS why did u highlight the word ‘this’?

THIS guy is just inving to his place(girls encouraged to apply:)

Sounds fun
How about an usual location, such as on the moon, or at the bottom of the ocean or something
On the other hand, this might be difficult to reach ones lucid

Perhaps a pyjama party at Jack´s room isn´t that bad :wink:

This would be cool. I’m in, just make the date a little later on, I have slacked at LDing at the moment.

Dont get pissed if i show up naked, sometimes i dont like using pyjamas. But where do i meet you all at? I dont know where jack lives, and i have no idea what ocean your all going be at. Lets just have it at the Moon. I will brin Pink Floyd (we can listen to Darkside) you just need to make a rocket or something, jumping real high works too.

aa! It’s that PhantomSpectre Vegeta person again! Darn… this thread is from December 10 :sad:. One of these days I’m gonna get an OBE…

Yeah, hey. We could have an astral party at my place. Then someone else can yank me out of my body.