Lucid Bird's BMV CD

Okay, I know I am not supposed to advertise, so I am not going to put a link up. I’ll talk more about this at the end of my post.

But the main QUESTIONS: Has anyone tried Lucid Bird’s BMV series? Namely the trance induction for LDs CD? If so, how did the CD work for you? How did you use them?

Now, back to the ‘no-advertising’ thing. I think it’s stupid that we can not make the community better by sharing what worked and what doesn’t (and sharing links to those sites) just because it can be considered ADVERTISING. I mean, so what if we ARE advertising someone elses stuff? As long as it works and helps us, they deserve to have their stuff advertise and we deserve to know about it. Does advertising hurt anyone? No. Could it make someone’s life better? It sure as hell can.

I just want to know who the person was who thought up this rule of ‘NO ADVERTISING’.

Come on, mods, lighten up. It will make the community stronger and all of our lives better. Isn’t that what you want?

Everybody on the forum can “make the community better by sharing what worked and what doesn’t”. If it was prohibited, there would be no “Lucidity tools” forum. You can find here threads about the Novadreamer, induction technique CD’s, dream packs, etc. So I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Yes it does. Vendors post regularly on forums links to their sites so that they will be shown in the search engines first pages. This has nothing to do with “sharing what works and what doesn’t” and they just want to flood forums with ads because it’s a free way of advertising.

I don’t know one forum which authorizes spamming, cause if it did, the forum would be quickly inundated with spam and die. So please apply this “stupid” rule, which is basic on forums. And there is no need to try and discredite the mod team because they asked you for.

Well, I’ve decided to order the CD regardless of the fact no one was allowed to share any input. I just hope I don’t regret this transaction.

Ive got 6 Cd’s from them i just got the lucid dream yesterday ,I personally like the tones voyage into total vibration ,also enjoyed astral trance you wont be dissatisfied .

:ack: Please don’t get paranoid. It’s not because nobody replied to your question that they aren’t allowed to. Either they haven’t read your post or they have tried the CD’s. By the way, now you have bought them, it will be interesting to know what you think about. :wink:

:smile: Yup. As soon as they arrive, I’ll post my experiences with them, if any, here.

The CD arrived tonight, so I will give it a go and let you know how it goes.

Excellent, on the devils day too. :tongue:

lol, yeah. It didn’t give me a lucid dream last night, but it put me to sleep FAST and I had some pretty weird, but very vivid dreams. I’ll try again tonight.

I saw some slight images with it last night, beneathe my eye-lids and was starting to lose awareness of my body. I believe the more I practice WILD with this CD, the stronger I will get at it. A lot like working out a muscle.

Cool, hope it works out nicely. Keep updating us.

Last night I fell asleep rather quickly after a long day and didn’t have any special dreams. I’ll keep updating you all on my progress.

If you haven’t already, check out the other thread I started on making our own LD4all lucid dream induction CD.

We still need someone who is good with brainwaves, if anyone is interested in filling the position.

So far, all that’s it’s been doing is giving me INCREDIBLY vivid dreams and putting me to sleep rapidly. :smile: At least it’s helped with Dream Recall.

My dream signs are currently:

-My older brother Brett (he’s been gone on his mission for 14 months now)

-Anyone on my mom’s side of the family (they all live in Idaho so I should never see them)

-Fast food (I NEVER want to get near it, but it’s been in my dreams frequently)

What effect is this CD supposed to do? Sort of WILD?

I think it’s mainly focussed ont he WILD aspect, but it has some tracks to loop while you fall asleep that remind you while you’re dreaming. They just tend to give me a head ache and keep me awake.

can you send me a pm with the link to this website?