Lucid Buddy

this sounds kind of stupid…but this is sort of an extension to moderators for Novice Dreamers…some1 else posted this. but anyways. i was wondering if we could make that a reality…and have some experienced people help out the unexperienced. like have each other on MSN messenger and talk. thatd help me out…for sure…and its bound to help others. so yeah…anybody wanna be a lucid buddy? lol.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :cheesy:

I’ll be your lucid buddy! :content:
I seen you join chat earlier, and thats the best way to quickly communicate with me. I leave it logged in, and I can be contacted if you just double click my name and send me a private message

Chat room
IRC server:
channel: #LD4all
we also have #dreamtime that would be perfect for this. :smile: it’s not as busy and filled with helpful dreamers.

I can also be reached from my email here, or PM.

Although, if we share it all in the threads here, other people could benefit. :content:

ok cool. thanks :happy: by the way…i had a LD last night :smile: :smile:

ill be on chat most of the time as well. maybe not a lot during the week…because of school…but ill be on after school and durin the weekend. my email is and yeah. :smile: thx again.