Lucid Buddy

[center]LUCID BUDDY[/center]
Hi guys :smile:
Today I had this great idea that should in theory increase motivation and therefore possibility of lucid dreaming.

Ok so what is this about:
Well I, and I guess many of you don’t have IRL friends that are also attempting to lucid dream. So why not have a buddy in the forum? You can share every night experiences, dreams and new ideas. I think it’s great motivation to have someone to report to about things concerning lucid dreaming, because you think about it more :smile:

So how does this work:
Well I don’t have everything planned but the main idea is to post your time trying to lucid dream, the amount of lucid dreams so far and their frequency. Then I can assign you to a partner with a similar lucid dream count and a similar time trying :smile: The rest is on you - contact each other via forum message/MSN/chat of some sort/…

So if you like the idea please respond :smile:

I’ll sign up first:
-4 months into lucid dreaming
-3 lucid dreams so far
-1 in about 2 weeks

Pairs so far:
-KauaiDreamer and idanl09
-OceansBreath and hoax
-Hexaditidom and avizdreamin
-Dreamscape_Awakener and FretDancer
-The Scientist and rcslaney
-Don_Anonymus and HappyDreamer
-binaryb0n3 and lifeDreamer
-GHOSTIE11 and shinju
-amitruz and Farsee
-#Six and Prashn64
-brb123 and Anderayasn

I’ll sign up for this, it’ll be nice.

-1 and a half months into dreaming
-About 5 LD’S
-Frequency about 1 dodgey one a week and one good one every 2 weeks

I like the idea, though schedule conflicts are my main concern.

Been attempting for: 4 months
Number of LDs: ~10
Frequency of LDs: about once a week at least <—I think it might be wise to add this. :wink:

Edited My Post ^^^

I’ll join, it’s a really nice idea, and from exprience it’s working.
-basically 3 years, but I started to put effort in this, for 7 months.
-30 LD’s
-about 1 in a week or two.

Lost my RL dreaming buddy. His attitude toward me started changing once I started having lucid dreams. I really miss talking to him about it, it is really nice to wake up in the morning and call your LD buddy and share a cool lucid dream.
An online buddy will work too, it’s just a bit slower. :smile:
6 months worth of effort, and 15 LDs

Yeah the frequency is a good idea :smile:

I think good pairs would be:
-KauaiDreamer and idanl09
-The Scientist and rcslaney

If you confirm this choice I’ll put you in the list but feel free to change anything :smile:

I would love to :smile:
Kauai, you seem to be missing him.

I’m good with the choice :smile:

This sounds fun :smile: For some reason things in my life always work better for me when I talk to people about them <3

Ive been trying to become Lucid for about a month.
No definate LDs so far, although my dream recall has improved - the other day I did have a sort of half LD experience, which was so exciting!

Hi Lucid Buddy! :grin:
I will PM you.

Ok I added KauaiDreamer and idanl09 to the list :smile:

OceansBreath if you’d like I can be your buddy :wink: I’ve been here longer but all of my LDs were DILD and not really planned so I’m not that far ahead of you…

I’d love that :smile:

I’m up for this, I can’t rememebr since when I started my Lucid quest, possibly 2 months and a half or so, I haven’t had a single LD since then, just 1 FLD. But my Dream Recall is very very good.

Sure! :smile:
LDing for 4 years
100+ LD’s
6 per month

Gosh, thats a lot of LDs, you’re so lucky!

hmm…it seems like a good initiative…
my portfolio:

LDing for past 7 weeks…
had around 25LDs till date…(sorry if i’m counting the really short ones also, i get really excited, you know)

PS- lucid dreaming owns my mind for now…

I’d love to sign up for this i’ve been looking for a lucid buddy that i could talk with and help with motivation. Lets see i’ve been interested in LDs for the past 4 years, had maybe 2 or 3 during that time. but during this whole month of August i’ve been inspired and i’ve been jotting down my dreams every morning recalling approx. 3 or more a night with good detail. I had one brief lucid dream (under a minute) towards the end of the month so i am having some success. Also doing lots of RCs. In my dreams the subject of lucid dreaming is the main theme. I’m often having discussions with dream characters ABOUT lucid dreaming all the while not becoming lucid lol but i feel lucidity is close. I also starting meditating on my chakras before bed which has helped me a lot with my recall and vividness in the dreams

Wow lots of replies :smile:

Well the next 2 couples imo should be:
-Hexaditidom and avizdreamin
-Dreamscape_Awakener and FretDancer

Hexaditidom and avizdreamin seem to be really good at LDing and Dreamscape_Awakener and FretDancer seem to still be struggling so I think it’s a good choice :smile: Let me know if you are ok with this…

Oh and I’ll PM you OceansBreath :smile:

Cant wait :wink: