Lucid but not lucid

I have been having LDs recently where I am dreaming, and then so spontaneously, I know that I am in a dream, but then just continue on with the dream as if nothing happened, later forgetting that I am actually in a dream. Why is this happening? How can I actually become lucid instead of semi lucid if I’m barely lucid in the first place?

This used to happen to me a lot. I actually had one dream where I became lucid, and I kind of just tossed it away saying “I don’t really care.”

It just happens. It may have something to do with your current mindset, or perhaps a lack of intensity while doing a reality check.

Just keep practicing, and work on intensity and wonder while doing reality checks. If you have a strong surge of intent while doing a RC in waking life, it will better help you when you do it in the dream world; you will break out of the “haze” we often find ourselves in, and your consciousness will come.

I think it has happened to everyone. I use the simple explanation that there are levels of lucidity. This was a “low-lucid” dream. I even feel that NLD’s that some dreams are more aware than others, even if they are not close to lucid.

This has happened for 2 nights in a row; I just naturally know it’s a dream but that’s it. It’s almost like if you see a purple elephant in a dream, you know about it, you accept that it is there, but you still do not think anything of it.